ok ok, the first entry was kinda harsh i guess i didn’t mean alot of what i said so i figure i will update…..plus im bored…..the next few weeks are gonna be kinda hard for me, even though it’s gonna be winter break and all. i know this is gonna sound kinda lame but i wish i could go back to last nite. not so i can just not get mad but so i could go about it in a different way. maybe the outcome would be a little different. maybe we would still be able to be friends because i dont care what anyone says, when you are that close with someone, the very least you want to do is be friends with them, no matter what you put them through or what they put you through. even though i said i regret ever falling for you again last nite, i look back on the last few months with no regrets. i loved every second i talked with you and i loved every second i spent with you more. hell i loved being around you. the only thing i regret is u not feeling the same way about me. im gonna miss the way things were more than u know, even though u think all we did was fight. im gonna miss our slap fights, im gonna miss our car rides home, im gonna miss our watching eagles games together, im gonna miss our sleepovers, im gonna miss our petty arguments that always ended up with sorry, a hug, and a kiss….but most of all, im gonna miss u……….


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  1. HOLY SHIT! andrew has a journal! i’m sooo excited, but the entries neeeed some happinesss, and i thought that this smut bitch could throw some of that in here! haha. andrew u know i’m always here for you no matter what and i’m here to listen and help if you need me!! i love ya boyyyyy, and its almost time to come home!!! soo excited…..did somebody say GOOOO TIME?????? haha, byeeeeeeeeee

  2. Well the first time I read this it made me cry because I knew the choice I made was going to be one that I regretted, why I then didnt run to you tellin you that, I dunno…but I am happy that when I did you were there for me and gave me another chance. Im pretty damn positive that this is going to be the last chance I need. I know now what I want, now and in the long run and I was just too self-centered to see it before. I love all the time we talk and all the time we spend together, most of all I love you! ❤ K

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