This fucking blows and I will tell you why……..I decide to go against everyone’s word at the start of this semester and give Karissa yet another chance thinking that she really cared about me and she didn’t mean to do what she did to me in the beginning of last summer. Last night, we start fighting cause I ask her if she found out what she is going to do on New Years Eve because the night before, some kid billy asked if she wanted to go to a party with him. I was like, I thought we could hang out on New Years eve cause we are boyfriend and girlfriend and all, I didn’t think it was asking too much of her. So she said she didn’t know what she was gonna do until last night and she said that she decided to go to a party/dinner thing with this kid billy…….fuckin prick……….Anyway, I start to flip out (and maybe it was blowing shit out of proportion a bit but I was tired of all the bullshit.) I mean, believe me, I’m not the only one that thought it was messed up to go to a nice ass dinner, as some dude pays 70.00 for you on New Years eve while I sit somewhere wondering what the hell shes doin with this cocktease. In fact, everyone I talked to agreed with me except for her! So by this point, I’m trying to hold in all this anger and she starts firing back at me which only just pisses me off more sayin fuck you and fuck this and I can’t belive you don’t understand where I’m coming from………SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH……what the fuck did you just say? are you serious? Yea, I know I’m just an inconsiderate prick for not understanding where you’re coming from. Does she ever even stop to honestly think about the shit she does? I mean, I have put up with a lot of bullshit and I have bit my tongue. While I would sit at home when she leaves my house, she goes out with other guys. Yea, I know its not that big of a deal but when you start hearing the same dude’s name over and over, its like wtf? I never heard anything about this billy kid until like 3 weeks ago and since then, she has hung out with him at home more than she has hung out with me. Thats great and all, whatever makes you happy….but don’t sit here and call me your boyfriend and say that you love me while you sit here and pull this shit. It’s not fair to me and you know it. You may have wanted to be my girl and you may have loved me but, the fact that you wanted the relationship under your own terms instead of OUR terms is complete bullshit. I guess I was just good for the fucking rides home.I know she tells me that she is going to go hang out with him but if your a guy, as soon as you find out that girl has a boyfriend, you back the fuck off, simple as that. Yea, its ok to be friends and hang out once in a while but I have been hearing his name a lot lately. Let’s get serious now….NO GIRLFRIENDS DO THAT!!!!!!!…OMG and don’t even get me started on this prick joe marge…..that’s a whole different story…. It’s horseshit and I’m just tired of it…..You told me that you loved me and you told me that you were crazy about me but you go and pull this shit…….you obviously don’t know how to have a boyfriend and I’m real sorry for that. You said 2 fucking days ago that you wanted to make this work after you flipped on me cause of some shit joe marge was telling you. You had no right to get mad at me and you had no reason to not believe me when I was telling you what really went down. I knew you were mad in general but the fact that you got mad at me for no reason was bullshit but I still forgave you. The second I get mad at some things, this is what you do. You’re a fucking liar and you used last nite as an excuse to get out of this relationship. You told me before we started this back in September that if you did this to me again, don’t let you walk away and remind you why you always come back to me. I tried last nite and it didn’t work. You knew what you were doing but your cold heart didn’t care. The saddest part is, I did care, for some unknown reason. I hope you regret doing what you did more than I regret ever falling for you again. I thought that since we were in college now, we could grow the fuck up but I guess I was wrong. And that’s about the only thing that I know I am wrong on……Ask anyone………….


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  1. Andrewww u got a journall thingggy.. too bad your first entry.. was a little ..crazy.. u know all ur friends are here.. and u knoww what were all going to say to you so im not even gonna write it.. but keep ur head up. and things will get better.just give it sure things will go back to normal… and just think its decapod decajiddie go time soon. and you’ll forget about all your problems. .welll i gotta go to work. illll talk to you later!! im here if u need me!

  2. Andrewwwwwww…I love ya buddy and it is agreed with chelle that this is a bad entry to start with….but soon enough it will be GO TIME as chelle has already pointed out and we will have some good times…not to mention in the mountains and hopefully at pickles you know when…well dawg I gotta be gettin some work done because its only a few days away from Christmas break….THANK GOD FOR THAT….so keep your head up smile and ill see ya sooooon…. 🙂 

  3. brother man, u are right thats why we is hitting up death row together, got to stick with each other, love u man u know if u need something i’m hurr so dont be scurred……………………….everything is just alittle PLAY ON WORDS!!!

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