Well, im feelin a lot better today and its prolly cause i am done all my work (minus 2 Finals) for the rest of the semester…THANK GOD! the last thing i had to do was to give my speech on persuading ppl not to litter. LoL it was hard cause what the hell? i litter all the damn time…..hahaha…..ne ways, the week kinda sucked and im still in semi-denial but hopefully it will end soon…..but im thankful that i got my decabiddies to be there to help me out…..Thanks Chelle, Smut Bitch , and Wallser, good talks…… Love u guys……so im home because i have to get some family pics tomorrow nite at the mall and they need my pretty ass face in them so i had to…i hope that i can find something to do tonite b/c i am def. not in a staying inside all nite kinda mood……but i am def. hungry as the hills right now……whatever the hell that means…gonna go grab a bite…..i will update on sunday when i am back at MU. til then, LaTeR all………

p.s. i def. should not be listening to this over and over song right now…..lol o well, peace……….


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  1. in the words of kakie “traaaaaaa”…aka TRUST!….see ya soon andrew! lil upset that u weren’t with shaun this weekend cuz i saw him at hershey park, and met a bunch of your friends,and oh yeah i met jesus? haha bye bye

  2. ohh andrew lol TURN THAT SONG OFF.. lol..ur christmas pics turned out good too.. did u have fun last night? lol good times at kellys.. better times over xmas break.. when everyones home.. n we can have a much needed go time. n u can drink away ur sorrows! lol nevermind. dont do that.. bad advice from chelle lol.. well i gotta go get my nails done.. lol good luck on finals this week! see ya when u get home!

  3. hey bud.. u do need to turn that song off!!  i’m glad u’re doin better tho!!  i told u it would get easier as time goes on.. the EAGLES are on tho!  how can you not be better?!? ok.. well i’ll be seeing u soon.. considering you live right downstairs!!  STUDY DATE TOMORROW!!!!  I HATE CHEM!!

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