OMG……… life is a freakin emotional roller coaster like seriously………i can’t take it ne more. im gonna go frikkin nuts!!!! one second i will be in a good mood and the second that i am doing nothing and just sittin around, i start thinkin about shit……then when i start to think about things, i get myself in a bad mood again. there are so many questions that i need answered and i try to do it myself and i cant…..i dont think ANYONE can answer them to tell you the truth…UGH i dont know what i want ne more…..wait, check that, i want to not care, thats what i want……i wanna be able to just forget about everything like other people instead of puttin on a front every day but i cant…..haha i guess im just one of those “nice guys” that gets nowhere because hes not an asshole…….who the hell really knows……the only thing i know is that life at the moment sucks…..a far cry from where i thought it would be just a short week ago……BLAH……..but on the very short upside, tomorrow is the start of winter break so i will get to be with all the people that really care about me and the Eagles are 12-1*, there best record ever! LoL let’s see where this goes…..but enough of my bitchin…….wait, no, not enough of my bitching. this is my journal and if you don’t wanna read about my bitching, then peace the fuck out! hahahaha on the real tho, i still have a little more studying to do for my wellness final tomorrow then it is off to home for break……..THANK YOU GOD……..hopefully i will get to update over break if not, talk to ya’s next month……………


*  The Eagles have now won 12 games in three successive seasons. They are ONE OF FIVE teams in HISTORY to accomplish this feat.

With 12 victories, the Eagles assured themselves of maintaining or improving their win total for an NFL-RECORD SIXTH STRAIGHT SEASON. After winning three games in 1998, the Eagles have won 5, 11, 11, 12, 12, 12 in the following six seasons.

Andy Reid is now ranked FIRST among all active coaches with his .667 overall winning percentage (68-34).

……….deal with it haters……..hahahahahahahahahahahaaha………..


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  1. then peace the fuck out.. haha.. i love ya man!!  i hope u have a good break. who knows if i’m gonna see ya.. if not.. merry xmas and happy new year!!!  as i said.. it’s a new year… it’ll be all good. i will miss ya… but bud… u should just take the offer off the table.. it’s not gonna happen.. haha!! 

  2. Bitch and complain as much as you wan’t everyone is allowed to and we’re all here for you to tlak to and complain to….and were gonna have a fucking great time over break….leaving EVERYTHING from college behind!  See ya in a few love ya ANDREWWWWWWW!
    PeAcE Wallser

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