HOT DAMN! It’s been almost a week since my last entry so i figured i will update a little bit. Not so much for me, but apparently a lot of other people who look forward to reading my “daily” entries…..and they know who i am talking about! HAHAHAHAHA losers. LoL ne ways, this break hasn’t been bad so far at all. I have been keeping busy a lot to keep my mind off of things and surprisingly enough, it has worked. When i got home on wednesday, i went to dinner at my aunt’s mom’s house which was pretty cool. It was her birthday and she turned “59” which she will apparently stay for the rest of her life. HaHa. I got to see Lori which was real cool. She is possibly the nicest person on the planet and smartest person on the planet. No lie. She is real cool tho so it was good to see her. Thursday was probably the day where i had the most fun. Me and Joey D went up to Desales to visit Liz and Ali so that was real cool, aside from being called assholes every other minute. I then came home only to go back out in 10 minutes. I went over to see how Karissa was doin cause she had gotten her tonsils out earlier that day and plus im just that nice. I guess too nice in people’s opinions. But hey, i figure that if she didn’t get her tonsils out, there would be no way i would have visited her so i think that people who think that i am not trying to get over or i shouldn’t have went to see her, don’t know what they are talkin about. just to prove it, monday is now over and i haven’t heard from or seen karissa since thursday night and I will tell you one thing, not to play little games, but i did my part so i refuse to be the one to pick up the phone and talk to her. I have cared about that girl for too long so it’s her turn. She apparently doesn’t want a friendship as much as she claimed she did so i figure give up, move on, her loss. The weekend was just ok because i had to do most of my christmas shopping and i hate shopping. Almost as much as i hate the Dallas Cowboys. UGH, honestly, does anyone really like that fucking team? They are a horrible ass squade with a bunch of nobodys and the only thing they ever say when the Eagles beat them (which has happened 9 of the last 10 meetings now) is “Who got more Super Bowls?” The line is getting old and their pathetic excuse for a football team is getting old. And Roy fucking Williams is just a wannabe Brian Dawkins but is just mad cause he will never be on that level. EVER. Yea the Eagles won the game yesterday which sucks for Meggo and Shaun who felt like getting some kicks in with me at halftime of the game when the eagles were losing but the funny thing is, neither of them has said a word about that since. But hey, if I was a Dallas fan, i would keep it on the down low too. But like i said, yea the eagles won but with a huge price paid. Terrell Owens is gone for the rest of the year with a broken fibula and a sprained ankle. All because bitch ass Roy Williams. So now, me and Eddie and Joey D. have to take time out of our christmas break to fly to Dallas for Operation: 187-31. It will get done and while the Cowboys’ fan’s are sitting at home wondering what happened to #31, the Eagles will be playing in the Super Bowl. Yea, it’s still gonna happen and who the hell knows, when you get to the big game, anything can happen. So to all the Eagles fans out there, don’t give up hope because even though Owens is gone, we still have other people that can and will step up. Philadelphia actually has a football team unlike the Cowboys and we will be there in February…………

I hope u read this chelle! don’t hop off the bandwagon just yet!!!…………..



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  1. you and joEyD with this bandwagon shitttttttt! … even though we lost my boy T.O .. I still have faith that the eagles will win the lets stop hating on chelle… and as for the other stuff u wrote about…  u are too nice for doing that. but theres nothing wrong with it lol.. and now that were on break… where is our Go time? we all talked it up like this break was going to be soooo awesome.. well lets go bitches..  🙂 welll i gotta go clean the room..byee!

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