MAN!! Thats 2 crazy ass, random nights in a row! HaHa, this break is starting to pick up and it’s about damn time. And this is how it all started. I was sitting around watching T.V. when I realized that I am sick of sitting in the house. I get in the car and head to the Sports Authority to pick up some things. While there, Joey D. calls me and I head over to his house. Me, him, and Eddie were all chillin in his place then we decided to pursue operation: fudso. Eddie ends up heading home and me and Joey D. head to marriotts to ruin the slumber party. As we are getting out of my car, Walls calls me! Shes all askin questions like what are you doing and where are you? I’m answering all the questions so I don’t sound obvious. Then I ask her where she is and she said she is driving to Marriotts. Me and Joey D. look at eachother when at the exact same moment, a car rounds the corner. It’s walls, ali, samme, repko, and marriott. We were frikkin busted! HaHa but the night didn’t end there. After trying to persuade Jake to come out and play and failing miserably, we decide to call Liz Barrar. HaHaHa. She is at Lauren’s house so we drive there, tell Liz to get the hell in the car, and we proceed to torture her for an hour. HaHa it was hilarious. Me and Joey D. are tellin her to talk, then not talk, then talk, then not talk. Then Joey D. takes her cell phone and threatens to call every dude whenever she talks without us saying. HaHa we just keep telling her that she is a kidnapee and that her rights and privelages have been taken away. So we keep torturing her and keep driving around until I feel like she’s had enough. Then we drop her back of at Lauren’s. It was real fun and Liz knew we were joking around and she was a great sport about it so it was awesome. I still got the damn ribbon I told her to take out of her hair! Do you think the night ended there? Hells no! We drive back to the slumber party and we start to walk around back. I called Chelle and started messing with her like saying I see you and all this shit. They didn’t believe me and Joey D. so we said we were out back on the deck. They came up out of the basement and by this point, me and Joey D. move behind a fence in her back yard. While I am still talking to Chelle, me and Joey D. see marriott and walls come up from the basement and so I say to Chelle, tell marriott and walls to stay in the basement…………HaHa, she starts flippin out gettin all freaked out and shit cause she knows we can see them by this point and whenever someone says they can see you and you can’t see them, you get a little freaked out. So I keep this going for like 10 minutes saying stuff to Chelle like “I like it when you wear white” and “Stop standing in the doorway.” you know, things to get them freaked out. Eventually they come outside and me and Joey D. are busted. It was freakin great cause they were all a little freaked out I think. Operation: Fudso was a success! And the night was freaking fun as hell so I will go to sleep a happy man. HaHa. So, in closing, kidnapping is fun and ruining slumber parties is more fun. O yea, I will have to write that strongly worded letter to FedEx because the Kyle Korver jersey definately didn’t come today. Bastards! HaHa ne ways, I’m tired so I am going to go to sleep, hopefully, there will be more great nights before I head back to lame-ass MU. Goodnite all………….


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  1. andrew it wasnt funny we really were scareddd…lol sike we knew u were there……………………… lol nah we didnt.. but that was funny as shit.. too bad u guys didnt stay.. we had some good girl talks… didnt we decabiddies?? haha.. wellll we all need to figure out whats going on for new years eve cuz pickles isnt happening no more . at least katie told me.. so we need to think of something quick . well im going to bed im tiredddd!  byee butt head!

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