I’m bored…….Nooch to the following:

Featherheads reunion up the mountains tomorrow nite, the Eagles set to beat the piss out of either the Seahawks, Vikings, or Rams, the Sixers throwback uniforms they rocked last nite, the Sixers win last nite, the new Pearl Jam cd I just bought, the cologne my sister bought for me for Christmas (the biddies seem to love it), talking to my Uncle Pat for the first time in about 5 months yesterday, Spanglish, the new year, visiting my Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop yesterday and realizing that avoiding them over the last 7 years was pretty selfish of me, the Decapod and Decabiddies, gas prices lowering a bit, the next semester hopefully flying by as fast as the first one did, Evan being cancer free for almost 5 years now and the trip to the Bahamas in about 2 months, being used to my sister always yelling at me for no particular reason, and last but not least, my Aunt and my Uncle for giving my sister and I a place to live and at the same time, putting up with those damned Piroso kids…………


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  1. =)
    i really wish you guys didn’t leave last nite, i don’t think ive been that upset in awhile. why can’t everyone one just get along? we better hang out before u leave back for school! eventhough thursday was rough, wednesday was awesome!ttyl smut….

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