Well, back up at MU…..kinda sux but what the hell, it was gonna happen sooner or later, right? LoL i guess i need to just stop bitchin about this place cause as much as I don’t wanna say it or believe it, it’s home away from home..Did I really just say that???? eww dude take that back……this is school so I’m gonna put up with it cause I want a beast ass job when I get older…Haha ne ways, winter break was pretty damn refreshing to say the least.. I was able to keep my mind off of things and at the same time, hang out with my real close friends. Overall, I give the winter break a A..and that might be considerably high to the decapod and decabiddies because we didnt hang out as much as we probably wanted too but when we did hang out, it was great times as usual…..Even the mountain trip..the one that supposedly ended on a bad note.. I didn’t look at it that way tho, I left because 1. I was feeling sick from the food poisoning that everyone got up there from eating McDonalds and 2. People were being grumpy and miserable and I wasnt down with being a part of that at that particular moment so what do I do when I want to avoid confrontation? I bounce!!…Besides, I was needed at home at 4 in the morning when I woke up and the front doors were wide open! LoL I was pretty damn scared so me being the bitch that I am I ran and told my Aunt and she got up but I still had to go search the downstairs…I did so with a big ass knife so I felt safe…HaHa…..LoL but back to being semi-serious…Being back at the ‘ville, even tho there are some great people here, makes me realize, once again, how much I take for granted the time that I spend with the people that I love the most…My family, the decabiddies, and how could I forget, my brothers from other mothers, the Decapod. I look forward to more times with those guys more than they know…OO yea, the vikings def. just beat the packers so they get to have their asses handed to them on a silver platter by the Eagles next sunday..I honestly don’t think they stand the slightest chance….yea Culpepper is good but is he better than McNabb? No…Moss better than our DB’s? No…Their Defense capable of stopping Westbrook? No….enough said….And to Sean Fucking Salisbury of ESPN, fuck you…He made an early prediction for next week’s game by picking the Vikings..Let it be known that he also picked the Seahawks and the Chargers to win this week…Idiot…he should try comedy central instead of ESPN…lol just another hater..HaHa nooch to Operation: Salisbury Steak…But on the real, I gotta check my schedule for tomorrow cause I don’t even know it yet! HaHa so in closing, it’s beat to be back at MU and Sean Salisbury is a fucking idiot….LaTeR y’all………..


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  1. I never have anything to comment, besides NOOOOOOOOCH! And I def would have taken that hater dog downstairs with me along with the big ass knife, fucking Browns fan

  2. yeah it sucks everyone went back to school already.. break went fast as shit…but summers gonna come sooner then we know it..and we alll know that everyones gonna be home every weekend..so its not even like were all gonna be apart.. lol .but break was fun…cept for the whole food poisoning thing.. that kinda sucked..but yeah..its like 330 in the morning and i have class tomm..so im going to bed! byee!

  3. i like the picture!!!
    and i better see you this weekend! haha!
    good break…..remember operation fudso?….u prob don’t since u and joey d failed!! ahahahahhaa…u did, just own up to it! lol

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