This is BULLSHIT!!!! If it wasn’t for the allure of a good education surrounding this place, I would bounce in a heartbeat! I can’t catch a damn break when it comes to this fuckin place. All three of my classes today were beat as shit…They seem boring and lame as hell…The only good thing about 2 of them is that my girl meggo is in they definately better get better or I will be pissed (and screwed) to say the least. So if you are wondering if today was a good day, the answer is an emphatic HELLS NO! I wish I could go back to middle school or high school and start over…you know, actually try to get good grades so I could have gone to west chester. Just think, if they had only said yes to me in the first place, I would have never had to put up with the bullshit that I put up with during the first semester and who knows, I might have even been enjoying college life. But I can’t change the fact that I didn’t try hard enough and it can’t change the fact that WCU said no to me..I will put up with MU for now tho cause I know the ppl here and some are actually pretty cool; emphasis on the some..and plus I got the Heart of a Champion….hahahaha…..well I’m tired now and I got an 8 in the morning tomorrow…booooo…So in closing, girls are crazy, the majority are bitches, and there isnt one in the world that deserves me!!! hahaha yea right…..Later y’all………


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  1. I’m sorry to hear that you had a shitty day and all but it will be all better soon besides your boys are playing on Sunday…and you know all I have to say…….
    I NEED A BAAAAAAAAG!!!!!!!  Aight buddy have a nice night/morning whenever you get this and I will talk to your fine ass later! 
    PeAcE Wallser!

  2. andrewwwww things will get better..just give it time.. and if they dont get better.. suck it up and deal with it.. haha just kidddding! sorry u day sucked. but something positive to look at.. ur comming home this weekend. and we can all hang out once again… welll i gotta go watch some dawsons… ill ttyl byeee butt head

  3. u know u love ME!!! i am so part of the some..haha.. and remember.. as bad a day as u’re having.. the offer’s still not on the table.. and no i won’t touch em, unless it’s to hurt em!! haha!!  i love ya bud and i wish you could be happy here with the rest of us.. cuz it really is a splendid time once you give into it!!  BE HAPPY!!! 

  4. i like joey d’s idea! u transfer to temple…..u’ll be that much closer to “let me tell you something about lasalle”!!! haha it would be awesome! bye bye nuccaaa, see ya this weekend homie

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