After sitting at my desk for the last three hours thinking and reminiscing, I have concluded that I want to go back…………….


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  1. Yo listen bitch time travel is impossible, Mr. Collins told us. The only thing we could ever possibly do is build a machine that travelled faster then the speed of light then fly far away and watch the light beams come in to us. If we could someone turn those light beams into something we could see we could theoretically watch the past, it is kind of like when we see a star on this planet but don’t know if it could be dead cause the light takes so long to get here, thats about it for time travel so you figure out how to break the speed of light and I will do the rest.

  2. drew poo….your last entry ahs just given me initiative to start a new xanga site….and i just wanted to say i think we all know how you are feeling but look on the bright side…we all get to make new memories together so we don’t have to keep looking back on the same old ones…even though that never really gets old…and im sure joey d will come thru for all of us and eventually develop a time machine 🙂 cheer up tho! you have the decapod and decabiddies as friends!

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