It has been a while since my last update so I figure why not? In regards to the last entry of “wanting to go back”, I still feel that way. I mean, who doesn’t? I know atleast 6 or 7 of my friends that wouldn’t kill to go back in time, maybe even to the end of our senior year. It was just a fun time for all of us and I think that whenever I feel lost, confused, or even sad, I try to think about the best time that I can remember and since senior year was so recent, that’s what I think about. Get me? HaHa well in other news, the last week has been pretty eventful to say the least. The weekend was fun, as usual being home with all my friends. Saturday, after I went to go watch my nephew play some ball, I went to Hooters to watch some football. Like everytime I go to Hooters, it’s a grand ol’ time. The game that was on (Jets/Steelers) was a goody so it made it that much better. The next game on that night, (Rams/Falcons) was the opposite. In fact, it was a pointless game actually because the Falcons are just gonna lose to the Eagles, who demolished the Vikes, this sunday. The Falcons would have been better off just losing on Saturday. HaHaHa! Hmmmm, what else is new? O yea, Chelle’s house on Saturday nite was pretty fun. Everyone was having a good time and the drama was nowhere to be seen. Thank God! LoL that’s a first for our group of friends so it’s a pretty big deal. Besides a little mishap at the end of that nite, it was a good weekend. My voice is really bad and I can hardly talk because I was so pumped up from the Eagles. It kinda sux right now but as long as it’s back for this sunday, I am game for doin it all again! Jacksonville, here we come baby!!! Damn tho, I might be stuck up here for the game if all the snow that we are predicted to get this weekend actually happens. That would suck major balls, I think I would still attempt a ride home tho, getting back would be a different story. Well, I am all done my classes for today and they were pretty easy. That’s why I love tuesdays! I have nothing to do until later tonite when the Killer Bunnies may have to play a game. Well I am gonna try to get some homework done right now so in closing, the birds are bowl bound and its 33 more class days until the Spring Break! Bahamas baby!! Can’t wait!!! Later y’all………………


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  1. Trust to going back to senior year fun times….for the most part…but neway chelle’s was fun even tho i left kinda early hope that your having fun up at school and ill see ya soon im sure alright buddy bye bye

  2. sorry bout that mishap at the end of the night againt 😦 didnt mean it!! anyways, when do u exactly leave for the bahamas? are u gonna be home for our spring break at all?!? im bored…i only have a 10 and 2 today so im wasting time….k lol ill ttyl miss u and love u !

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