Im sitting in Computer Science class and I really shouldn’t be updating right now but I got to tell ya, there is a real asshole sitting across the way with a fucking Michael Vick jersey on. He knows I’m an Eagles fan and he knows I don’t like him either because he keeps catching me stare at him and when he does, I don’t even look away. I think he’s actually scared of me. HaHa that’s what I’m talking about! Good thing hes not a real big dude too, I think I can take him. HaHa anyways, the nerve of this guy. Does he actually think they are gonna win or does he get off by seeing people like me get pissed? Whatever it is, he’s about to get an ol’ school, Philly-style ass whoopin…………peace…………..


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  1. hahaha….i havent seen ne haters on campus wearing falcons but i see a bunch of steelers fans, the one guy works the bag check for the book store and i wont hand him my shit…fucking haters….meet me at the gallery @ noon….NOOOOOCH!

  2. Set up an incognito camera and photograph the criminal. Take a piece of sheet metal and fabricate a number 7 out of it, and during the craziness that will ensue the Eagles raping of the falcons,  decapitate said hater. Now wrap the weapon in discared Michael Vick jerseys, place the haters head and picture of him on top, and ceremoniously set ablaze.
    Or you could just punch the bitch in the face.

  3. andrewww!
     1. i cant read your font…2. i cant believe you drove home with all this snow were getting.! wellll ill talk to you later! if not be careful driving back up to school! byeeee

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