It is def. snowing like a bitch out and it’s not stopping. It’s at 9 inches and the news just said that this is only the beginning. Ugh I hate the snow. It would be cool if all my friends braved the snow like I did and drove home cause I feel like sledding up Furey Road or Clayton Park but I’m the only dumbass that drove home today! HaHa I’m cool though cause it will all be worth it when the Unc and I are relishing in the fact that our Birds are flying south to Jacksonville for the big game. HaHa but anyways, let me tell you about last nite. My boy Jimmy aka Jesus, took us to this real chill party last nite to have a good time. And a good time it was. I kid you not, atleast four girls came up and started talking to me throughout the night. I was like this is awesome! HaHa, either it was my cologne or good looks, I can’t decide. My boy Derrick was supposed to get a number for me but we bounced before we could. OoO well, I’m sure we will be back there some time. But I was like why doesnt this happen more often? HaHa. It was a good in the fact that it made me realize that even though I still care about another girl, there are plenty more options out there and it would be dumb of me to sit and wait around cause odds are, that situation, unfortunately, is probably over for good. Kinda sux to think of it like that but that’s the reality of it and I have to accept it. Blahh….Anyway’s, there is about 10 inches of snow out there now so I am gonna go play out there to make my cousins jealous cause they are grounded…HaHa so in closing, i hate all this snow and apparently, I look good…..HaHa later y’all…………


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  1. lol yes andrew u were brave and drove home..even tho it was dangerous!  and the eagles are gonna win tomm!!.. and i bet you were wearing the eagles hat last night at the party right? cuz when u wear that hat.. as all the decabiddies said.. ur a pimp and u get madd biddies!! memberrrr.. lol and ur mean for doing that to ur cousins.. lol well im gonna go do something byE!

  2. yea u was straight pimpin last nite, i thought it was myself at first lol……yea well u will prolly get stuck there and miss monday classes b/c we are def done at like 6 inches here and thats goin to be it……have a good time at home and be safe when u come back and i wish i was a dumbass and drove home too, b/c i want all that snow….. love ya man

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