“Today we salute you, oh loyal Philadelphia Eagles fan. You, for the past 24 years*, have waited for your birds to return to the Super Bowl. Week after week you have sang the Eagles’ fight song, called someone an Asshole, chanted “fuck the COWBOYS”, spelled out your team’s name loudly for all to hear, and danced along with T.O. You have thanked Freddie Mitchell’s hands for being so great, Brian Westbrook for being so versatile, Brian Dawkins for having such a huge heart (and bicep), Donovan McNabb for being a great leader, Andy Reid for being a winner, and finally God for the current weather conditions. Others try to rain on your parade, but you preach a higher gospel-one team, one city, one dream. So crack open an ice-cold beer, drop down and get your eagle on, and welcome your Eagles to Super Bowl XXXIX.”


*Although I wasn’t alive 24 years ago and admittedly, have only been a fan for 10 years now (I’m only 19), I still feel the same joy and pain as every other Philadelphia Eagles fan feels.

p.s., They finally made it back Dad, this one is for you!!



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  1. I think we have it worse then the people who were alive to see the last one cause well they saw one and they saw 2, possibly 4 championships parade through this town and we have nothing but 3 appearances in a major championship series. Another thing we are still young, and the pain that is felt through a childs heart after they lose is much more devasting then a grown man would feel, and above all they are used to being heart broken!
    E A G L E S!

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