As we all know, the Eagles are the greatest team in the……, I mean, they are in the Super Bowl so how could I possibly be down on myself this week? That’s a good fucking question. LoL don’t ask how ’cause I have no idea. The only thing I know is that all I seem to be doing lately is repeatedly asking myself the meaning of life. I mean, not to sound close-minded or insensitive by any means but we are given life and then we are stripped of it eventually. Nobody knows why but it happens. So I ask myself, since we are eventually all gonna die, why the hell is everyone seem to be so worried about work, work, work, all the damn time? Yea, it will get you a great job in the future, but like I said earlier, we’re just gonna die eventually. I’m not trying to sound suicidal or extremely lackadaisical or something like that, but I just don’t understand why a lot of people are so uptight all the time and seem to refuse to have fun. People are soo serious around here. I mean, shit, I do my work and I try to do it as good as I can but, I don’t see why soo many people have to have a book in there face 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People are soo scared to have fun anymore it makes me sick. Who said life has to be so serious. I think you should live life up as much as you can ’cause you never do know when it is gonna be taken from you. Why have any regrets?? I don’t know. I probably sound so off from what I actually do mean. I hope whoever reads this understands a little bit of how I am thinking right now. It really made me realize this more when the Eagles (LoL it never gets old saying this), finally made it back to the Super Bowl. The last time they did was 24 years ago and I am sure there are people out there, Eagles fans I mean, that were born in 1981 (a year after the Eagles last Super Bowl appearance), and unfortunately, maybe died before they got to see them get back there this year. It is unfortunate to think that but, I am sure it has happened. It’s not fair to those fans who didn’t get to see them so in a way, I feel blessed just to have witnessed it and in turn, it makes me realize that I shouldn’t take things for granted and that I, and others, should make the most of life. It’s weird how a sport can make you think like that but it obviously can. So, with that said, I think people need to lighten up and make the most out of life. Take a night off from school work if you are feeling stressed. It wouldn’t be the end of the world. My girl Meggo’s quote in her AIM profile says it the best. LoL I don’t remember it so if you know Meggo Unbgakhskhkshdfuhski and have AIM, check it out. It just makes u think. Don’t get me wrong, I want to succeed in life, have a great job, a beautiful wife, and great kids but why not all while having some fun? Is it not possible ’cause thats what it seems like some people think. I think some people just need to let a little fun in their lives like seriously….LoL ne ways, I’m def. confused in another area which I probably shouldn’t even talk about. Atleast not at this moment in time. But in a nutshell, girls are dumb as hell and confusing as hell and it was probably proven once again about a minute ago. That’s all that I should say at this point considering the fact that I don’t know what my feelings actually are at this point. I’m just kind of numbed at the moment on this topic. BLAH…..But hey, the Eagles are in the fucking Super Bowl!!! hahaha, I love it, whenever I am down, saying that brings a smile to my face. And if that seems pathetic to anyone, oo well….Damn this is a long ass xanga so I will cut it here. Plus my bum hurts from sittin on this damn chair all this time. So, in closing, live life to the fullest, don’t be scared to have a little fun, girls are fucking confusing as hell, and Tedy Bruschi is a dick…..HaHa, later y’all…………..


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  1. I agree with every last word u said in there man, i couldn’t agree more, its all about having fun, people dont get that. Snow ball fights at 130, wanna be late nut wawa runs thats where its at, lets make the best of the time we have………

  2. I agree with everything you just said. Personally, I have to do that. I take things way to serious especially when it comes to school work. I just wanted to say thanks man cause i think you just really helped me out a lot. Thanks man.

  3. Your the man andrew because what you said is all tru….except maybe for girls becuase i dont think that i suck…but maybe i do alright well good thought lol but my ass is a procrastinator so i always have fun lol aiight im out PeAcE

  4. andrew…i agree completely. life is about living…everyone says the only guarantee in life is death…but what they don’t remember is that once we are born, we’re all guaranteed to live too…not forever, but we at least have that chance. …and you’re team is going to the super bowl. well it’s about damn time they make it somewhere. lol. love ya oh yeah…you were really close on spelling me last name too haha<3 meg

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