This blows just for the simple fact that an Eagles victory is what I was looking forward to for the past two weeks. I didn’t even begin to ask myself what I would do if they actually lost ’cause the truth is, I didn’t see that happening. But, it did happen and it sucks. Don’t get me wrong now, they played a hell of a game and they had a hell of a season and I was never more proud to say I was an Eagles fan then I was last nite but, like the end of every Eagles season, I am in mourning. To let that many opportunities slip right out of our hands and to lose by a mere field goal is nothing short of disheartening. I wouldn’t feel nearly as bad as I do now if I actually felt as though there was something to look forward to. But, there isn’t really anything until the next Eagles season. LoL sounds kinda pathetic, huh? Well, I don’t care. The Eagles seemed like the only thing that was going right in my life for a little bit there. The sad thing is, I still feel that way even after the loss. That’s how much my life at MU sucks. Its beat as shit here and I don’t feel like I fit in. Atleast not yet. Oo well!! And plus, Philadelphia Eagles football is my passion and it is part of the fabric of my life. Me not having Eagles football would be like taking air away from me. It’s what I truly love and no amount of losses or wins could ever change that. For that, I have one person to thank for that and that is my Dad. He was one of the most passionate Eagles fan out there and I’m glad that I learned from the best. It just sucks that it is taking them so long to actually win it though. I have no doubt in my mind that they will be there again next year and that the outcome will be slightly different ’cause the fact of the matter is, the Philadelphia Eagles are the best football team in the world. Period.

Oo yea, the Super Bowl party was still fun and it was good to watch the Eagles with a shitload of my friends and family. My friends finally got to see what a maniac I am when the birds are on! HaHa. Well it was a great season and an awesome ride. The good thing is, the Eagles are undefeated as of today. Let’s bring it home next year……..

p.s. Aunt Rhonda, I know you read this so I just wanna say thanks for letting me have my friends over. The party was great. And Uncle Mark, screw everyone at your work ’cause they don’t know what the hell they are talking about………


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  1. I think its awesome that you are so passionate towards the Eagles, you have rubbed off on me and I thank you for that. Sorry I couldn’t be there yesterday, I love watchin you watch Eagles games. <3K

  2. Trust it was alot of fun and I’m glad we all got to see you in rare form it was very fun and I love you little cousin he kept me laughing all night long…and thanks to you aunt and uncle too for having all of us over hope they liked us! Miss ya buddy ❤

  3. yeah definitely cool of ur aunt and uncle to let us come watch the birds.. so big thanks to them.. and it was a funn time.. ur cousin is so funny lol me and katie were entertained by him all night.. and the birds WILL go to the superbowl NEXT year and they will win.. no doubt about that.. and try to enjoy yourself up at college! have funn dork! well im sure ill see you soon! byeee!

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