well, I haven’t updated in a while and I am starting to get some complaints so I figure, why not give it a go? LoL ne ways, not too much has been going on really. The eagles still lost and I am still dwelling on it ever so pathetically. In fact, I watched the Super Bowl 6 times so far. Once the time it was live, two more that nite and two more this past weekend when I was home. I can’t seem to get over it. It’s depressing so much that after I watched the Super Bowl for the fifth time, I put in the tape of the NFC championship (good times) just to make myself feel a little better. It worked I guess. But, the good thing is they have an awesome team so they will be back.

In other news, yesterday was Valentine’s day and a good one to say the least. It was probably my second favorite V-day ever next to ’03 when Deb, Shaun, and myself attended the sixers game. That V-day was hella fun. Iverson and T-Mac goin at it. So amazing it was. Plus, when I got home that nite, I spent a good 3 hours talkin to a girl that I was crazy about at the time to say the least. So I look back on it with nothing but good, good memories.

I guess the reason yesterday’s V-day was soo good because I wasn’t in a bad mood the whole day. It was like no worries day or something. And plus it started off great leaving home at 10:03 and being seated in class at 10:57. I know, I know, I’m the man. No applause, please. HaHa. Then, I checked my mail because my Aunt was hasseling me to do so all weekend. In there was a letter that my Unc wrote me that brought a tear to my eye. Also made it a great day though to say the least. It was awesome and really, really thoughtful of him. Uncle Mark, you’re the man. I lova ya! OO yea, and to finish the day off, I aced my computer science test that I was semi-worried about. Then, sponaneousity (is that a word??) kicked in and Shaun, Zach and myself decided to drive to Desales. We got there at like 11:30 and guys had to be out of the dorm by 12. But, they had a 24-hour lounge which was cool. It was cool, good talks and good to see ali and liz. Got back here at 3:30, went to bed. I was tired….

So, I am actually beginning to enjoy myself more and more as the days go by and I guess it’s about time. Yea, everything is good (for the time being) so I am taking full advantage of it. I just really can’t wait until spring ’cause you know what that means……PLAYOFF HOCKEY!!!!! Wait, oo yea, the lockout. Damnit Joey D., what are we gonna do?!?! Well, the weather will be nice. Nooch to that. But ne ways, I got to do a little work before and extra credit session to go to…..So in closing, Iverson is the man (dropping 60), V-day was fresh to death, and spring (and the Bahamas!!) is just around the corner, thank god!! HaHa LaTeR y’all………..


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  1. lol…spontaneity is probably what you were trying to say. But anyway, I’m happy to see that you’ve been feeling better. Only 22 more days til we are in the bahamas!

  2. lol i love u drew poo..ur the man…lol i bet jake was seriously upset that he couldnt correct u….he was prolly all pumped for it….lol im honestly laughing thinking of him getin all excited then reading laurens comment…prolly ruined his day…lol love u!! bye!

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