I don’t update this thing too much ne more. I don’t know why, I guess I’m just a slacker. HaHa, ne ways, this last week was pretty damn eventful. I went on 3 random road trips. As you already know from my last entry, we went to Desales on monday nite but then we went again on thursday for some reason. That nite was crazy and we didn’t get in til 5 in the morning. I was a champ and went to my lone friday class tho. The real fun was on Saturday nite tho when myself, Chelle, Joey D., Noey, and Liz decided to randomly drive to O.C. MD. which was freaking awesome. It was the most fun I have had in a while and I can’t even begin to try and write into words how much fun it was. If you wanna know the jist of it tho, read Chelle’s journal. She pretty much covers it. It was a great, great time to say the least tho for one reason, 78th street…..NOOOODLEOOOOOOOOOOCH!!!!! Man, there are so many great memories in that damn city, I love it! I am def. gonna go back there ASAP so if you wanna go on a random ass trip one nite to the greatest beach in the world with me, let me know…..its freakin worth it……(cause u get to be with me.) HAHAHAHAHAHA

I’m in such a good mood right now. Probably cause A.I. is the fucking man once again. He just won his second All Star game MVP of his career. He def. is the second best player of all time. Yea, I said it. HaHa….But I gotta get some work done for tomorrow. I will try to update more often but I am telling you, my life is not that interesting…..especially lately.. LoL ne ways, I’m OUT…….LaTeR y’all………


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  1. trust i havent had that much fun in a  long time.. even tho i got my first ticket 😦 it was worth it tho lol and im ready for the next road trip.. and ill even drive again.. cuz 1. i run my life lol, and 2. cuz i know u all liked my driving skills …hahaha

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