Haha so much for that try-to-update-on-a-daily-basis thing. Ne ways, this weekend was crazy nuts man. I wish I could go into more detail but sorry, what happens in Virginia, stays in Virgina. HaHa. But on friday nite, Joey D. and Faulkner came up and it was pretty cool. Well, for the first part of the nite that is. It was fun chillin in our dorm for a little bit. After a while tho, they went out to a party and I stayed in cause I was pretty freaking mad to say the least but I am not gonna get into it cause the truth is, I kinda wanna forget it cause it makes me more upset every time I think about it. . Ne ways, It ended better when those guys came back which was cool. They left early Saturday moring so I didn’t talk to them when I woke up cause I slept at Karissa’s place so I said my peaces at nite. The rest of the weekend, like I said, was nuts. Just know that Zach is an idiot and he is forever indebted to us.

Big C-Webb’s debut w/ the Sixers didn’t go as well as I had hoped but I guarantee they will get better and they will make the playoffs and they will go deep in. HaHa. Ne ways, well since I can’t go into detail, I guess I should close it. The weekend was NUTS, my hand kinda hurts, and I hope this snow cancels my English class on Tuesday cause frankly, I hate trying to correct my corrected corrected correction. It’s pointless!

On that note, quotes to live by from the weekend:

“Dude! It was four hours ago! I’m over it so you should get over it too!!!” and “Damn Derrick, what you know about dat?? You come from Amish Country.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA good fucking times man………LaTeR y’all…….


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  1. dude andrew get over it ok, seriously its been like 36 hrs im over it, shauns getting over it , derek probably wont but thats another story…. so jesus christ man get over it.

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