Word to the Sixers win and word to feeling a lot better at the moment. Didn’t do much tonite, just sat around in the dorm with the usuals. Sometimes, that is all you need to feel a little bit better. Good times as usual. I’m not really tired right now and I have a lot still on my mind and I am sure this person knows what I am talking about. HaHa. But tomorrow is a big work day and I am def. dreading it. But hey, friday is spring break and I seriously can’t freaking wait. I taste that Quiznos right now so on that note, I’m going to bed.

And Liz B., if you read this, you should be proud of me ’cause I have been singing freaking Howie Day alllllllll god damn day!! HaHa peace!


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  1. Yeah im definately lookin forward to Quiznos, it will be my first time. And im guessing im that person who should know whats on your mind and what your talkin about…there are a couple things that i think could be it, but im not sure exactly….we’ll chat later ❤ ya!

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