If this sorry excuse for a life doesn’t begin to get any better, I’m gonna lose my fucking mind………..


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  1. andrew i havent talked to you since u yelled at me for being a bitch.. which wasnt needed… but still this entry…………. we all hit rough times.. and all feel like that sometimes.. sometimes others feel like it a whole lot more .. but u just gotta remember that you’ll get through it somehow.. you always do and in your case..you’ll prolly be happy tomm.. plus your fucking going to the bahamas this week..so i would say……. you of all people should be happy!..ill prolly see you over spring break sometime.. maybe…byeeeee

  2. andrew i love you budddy and cant wait to see u over spring break…lol cheer up guy…just kidding just kidding dont kill mE!! lol RAISE UP NI**A! p.s. i didnt wanna put the g’s in case it offended anyone lol talkto u soon drew poo!

  3. lol no no, we have a friend deraleek thats on here, so she was smart…… but derrick is pat pannah, just alittle blacker, not much

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