To keep it simple, this sucks and I wish I was still in the Bahamas……….


8 thoughts on “

  1. Aww cheer up buddy I don’t know what sucks but if you need to talk ill be glad to listen but whatever it is feel better and hopefully I will see you soon buddy and I do have to agree with chelle at least you got to go….so miss ya and love ya!

  2. dude fuck the bahamas, u got the number to 78th, lets just buy that shit and move down there, we can go to bartending school and work at seacrets or any of the other numberous bars in OCMD, NOOOOOOCH!
    Shut Up Liz, dont even say anything

  3. fuck that joeyD! well… word to buying 78th.. but i thought we were opening 78th street boutique? andrew can work at the front desk.. or he can go to beauty school and learn how to do nails like them chinese boys!

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