Man it has been so long since I updated this damn thing….I don’t know why but I haven’t needed to write in it for some reason. I just been dealing with things by myself and not really writing them down. It is not really working so I decided to write down again. Plus, it is good to keep certain people updated on what I am doing…..To start you off, since break ended, life has been mediocre to say the least. I still miss the Bahamas like whoa and since I have been back, the dumbass English prof. has been giving me piles upon piles of unnecessary work. It is seriously ridiculous. I mean, I know it is college and all but there is easier ways to go about correcting papers because every time I have to do a new set of corrections, I get more confused so I fuck up more. It is like a never-ending process. I seriously cannot wait until the summer. I need to get away from this place. I need to be with the people that love me. I need nice weather. I need a job so I can make some damn money. God, is it June 8th yet?!?!?

Anyways, besides all the bullshit work in English that I have to do all the damn time, I have been having some fun. Last week, Wallser, Faulk, and Matey came up and we had a blast that nite. Def. should do it again sometime soon. And I ended up goin to a Sixers game saturday nite which was totally awesome. The seats were great and we only payed 20.00! It was Karissa’s first Sixer game and she looked like she enjoyed it so it was all good. Allen Iverson is my nigga and even though they lost, he’s still the fucking man…

But like I said before, besides the few fun things that went on the past week, life is sucking lately. I’m stressed over the pointless work and I am confused on a few other topics as well. But what the hell else is new, right? Ugh, I need to seriously step back and take a look at what I am doing. I don’t know if what I am doing is wrong but I know it is not gonna make life easier in the future. I wish instinct and feelings didn’t factor into my decision making so damn much. I always say that I am gonna do one thing, and even though I want to do it, I end up doing something totally different. But I feel like I can’t help it. I seriously need to find someone that is in a similar situation and see how to go about it but there is probably nobody in a similar situation. Blah….I just feel like saying  FUCK IT ALL. I am probably not making any sense right now but I’m getting my feelings out so I feel a bit better. For now that is…..

I think what I need though is what I am about to get..A weekend at home with my family and friends. It’s been a while ’cause as you all know, I was in the Bahamas over spring break so I didn’t get to hang out with everyone as much as I wanted..And Easter is this sunday so that means good food which always is a plus…I can’t wait…Good times I’m sure are soon ahead. But until then, I guess I just need to do the damn work but at the same time, do some things that make me happy too.

Karissa and I had a good convo a few nites back about what makes us happy. HaHa my list was rather small and I don’t think that we said one another on our lists….LoL kinda weird. Check that, really weird. But I guess she knows she makes me happy and hopefully, vice versa….So it’s all good.

Damn I am in a lot of pain right now. Probably because I was never so exhausted in my life like I was last nite playin ball…Damn I’m pissed I got beat up real bad, I am out of shape like a mofo, and I should have won..O well, I will make a note to never lose again. Mount Road, good times coming, be ready…….

Like I said, I have bullshit English work to do so I am gonna go do that while my mind is on plenty of other unnecessary shit. I will be praying tho man and telling myself that everything is gonna be allll good cause in all actuality, it will be…..Until next time people, LaTeR…..


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  1. Finally an update it has been awhile as has it for me but I did two in one day so you can’t bitch at me either, but anyway hoepfully whatever is bothering you will get better and whatnot but yes this weekend will be fun everyone is home and I miss all my fella’s and girlies so YaY for easter….ok ttyl bye bye miss ya!

  2. I definately had a great time at the Sixers game and I am really happy that I got to experience my first one with you. About our happy list….that was a pimp ass convo….and I cant believe you dont remember us mentioning one another becuase we definately did. So for the records you make me happy…love ya!

  3. blah blah motherfuckin blah wait can you hear that its the fuckin WAHHHHHmbulance. basketball is for the birds anyway, and by birds i mean naggars, so dont be upset.i love you

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