Man I feel like shit right now but I need not complain because 1. My problems stem mostly from school work and financials and are rather insignificant and 2. It would be hella selfish of me to sit here and talk about them under the current circumstances. So, with that said, everything is gonna be ok. You’re gonna get through it and everyone is gonna be there for you. If anyone can beat this shit, you can man. You know why?? Cause you’re a Warrior!!! HaHa Lloyd Banks mother fucker, gun and a clip! Love ya man…..G2G, Peace uP, Hoes DOWn

—Enjoy life, some have it A LOT better than others………


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  1. haha had fun tonight andrew.. even tho u were… acting a little crazy.. but ur right our friendship did drift apart..  but thats all gonna change now right? lol and ur right.. it does work both ways! Well im sure ill see you tomm night! have fun doing ur taxes! haha byee
    oh yeah.. u and joeyD got mad crumbs in my car.. were having spring cleaning in chelles car next time its nice out right?! and u bitches are helping! lol

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