I wish that I was more motivated to update this damn thing more often but to tell you the truth, my life is not very interesting lately. Today for example, I woke up, went to class, lunch, Karissa’s, dinner, basketball, shower, then watched a movie at Karissa’s again. The movie was pretty good and what makes it even cooler is that it was filmed in the Bahamas and some of the scenes were the Atlantis hotel. It was cool seeing it on screen knowing that I was there less than a month ago. LoL yea, other than that, I am waiting patiently until friday where apparently some people say they are coming up MU to party hard. Let’s hope they stick to their word ’cause that would be pretty damn awesome. But, on that note, I am tired and tomorrow is a big day. I have a good amount of English homework and I have to study for my psych test on friday. Plus it is supposed to be hella nice so I wanna go out too. LoL and on top of that, the Sixers play….word to that…..well, like I said, I am tired and my bed is looking for some company……hahaha LaTeR y’all……..


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  1. YaY for a new entry and I am comming on Friday night and I intend to have a fun time with ya’ll again so if anything is like it was at my house it should be a good time! Alright see ya soon! Wallser

  2. Definately enjoy the time we spend together and I think it is interesting sometimes, but I know what you mean when it comes to updating, Im not very motivated either. This Friday should be a good time with all the chi people that are comin, I cant wait!

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