I’m venting…….Everyone needs to cheer the fuck up and stop letting the little things in life bother them so fucking much, myself included. I bet the only person that has a smile on his face and can sit there and have a good time anymore is Faulkner. Go figure. That just proves what a fucking awesome dude he is. Which brings me to my next point. I really fucking admire Faulk. Especially lately. I know if I was in the same postition he is, I def. would not be taking it as good as he is. And it is def. a good thing. No, check that, it’s a GREAT thing. I’m just so sick of hearing everyone complain about the petty stuff in life when shit like this is going on around us. It is the end of our first year of college for a lot of us and it may be a little stressful for some, but just to make the time easier for everyone and Faulk especially, lets all be fucking happy…..there, I’m done venting…….


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  1. I love reading your xanga.  It always makes me realize things that i should be thinking myself….its a good reality check.  Just thought id share.
    (by the way, i still want my poem)

  2. dude you vented like a baseboard heating element, i know thats a stretch but o well. joey d and i are making a bar in OC, if you have any ideas let us know, featherheads are always welcome and eat free, and VIP, and complimentary strippers and so on and so forth. alright jigga man love you and goodnight

  3. Your totally right and I have done some bitchin and I have let some things get to me that are totally insignificant but Im doing alot better now and I intend on keepin it that way.
    Dude, Jake, Im trying to be a feather biddie, the first…..I want to help open a bar! So can I get in?

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