My fellow featherheads are haters (minus faulk). Joey D. doesn’t watch Rocky, and Jake doesn’t watch Star Wars. Am I the only cool one?? Apparently so. WTF. Here’s to 46 more days until National NOOOOCH! Day…….


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  1. listen here cock jockey, i watched the fucking trilogy. but im not about to camp the fuck out in front of regal to watch episode whatever. i mean lets be serious, at least rocky was in chronological fucking order. Rocky 6, rocky struggles with bullies and 8th grade algebra. i mean what the fuck. its confusing enough, star wars, now we are going fucking backwards. i love you.

  2. First of all Noooch to national nooch day. Secondly, can we just admit that all six movies of Star Wars needed to be made to portray the constant struggle of good vs evil in the Star Wars Galaxy. Face it Stalone shoulda stopped after Rocky III, I mean really how many times do we have to see him get knocked down then stand back up and win again. Rocky II was the rematch it was needed, then of course you need the title defense in Rocky III, and thats it end it right there. Does he really have to fight a Russian and then train some douche bag? I don’t think so. And Jake I heard Rocky 6 might actually be a prequel, what do u gotta say to that playa? By the way Han Solo would destroy Rocky Balboa in any physical or mental or emotional contest. Thirdly, there are no featherbiddies.

  3. wait, in the future (possibly season 3 or 4), we may need featherbiddies…..with that said, to become a featherbiddie, each featherhead must administer a “sandy pelican” to the would-be featherbiddie in order for her to properly be admitted. with even that said, karissa is NOT allowed to be a featherbiddie because i do not want anyone “sandy pelicaning” her except for me……

  4. I like Joey D’s idea…sorry hunny…but I want in so you guys definately need to think of a new initiation. We should talk this over with Faulk too, see what he thinks.

  5. yea u shoudl leave them out once girls get too much priveledge all hell breaks loose look what happened when they got their rights……

  6. Although i am a girl and do not like shauns little comment about look what happend when they got their rights…but I know he was joking, featherheads was always a guy thing and should stay that way, not everyone can get in but that doesnt stop the others from doing their own thing, ya know?  So ya’ll jsut need to keep shit the way it is and let it be…it only causes more problems…

  7. Trust, women shouldnt even be allowed to vote, let alone become featherheads. the 19th amendment was a joke, i mean look after that happened, there was World war II, nuclear explosions, the holocaust, disco, tsunamis, the Great Chicago Fire and not to mention an AIDS epidemic. coincidences? ha, i dont beleive in them. and, in my unbiased opinion, allison should be the first inducted, not because i have a preference, but she was actually there with us when the holy grail was laid at our feet, though she did cockblock me on the bus ride home when i wanted $5 and a BJ for the feathers. anywhodiddly, the great chicago fire was way before the 19 amendment. douches.

  8. and i agree with katie, u can’t just let people in, then it takes away from the prestige of the group….. stay at 4 and be done like the horseman

  9. ill give you dickcheeses hypocritical. if you knew what a petition was (a request or an entreaty) youd realize there was no petition there. i thought i made myself clear on my stance with the list of catastrophic events that followed women’s suffrage in my aforementioned diatribe. i was just tryin to prove a point. shit men. the only way there is going to be a featherbiddie is if my junk gets caught in a cement mixer. thats as close as it will come. if we let chicks in, whats next? dogs? goldfish? Mr. Woolery? i love you all the same, but shit. i lost my train of thought. shit. ill think of it later. peace

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