DAMN, its been a long ass time since i updated this thing and its mostly because i hate typing with a cast on my hand. But since i feel like shit tonite and have lately, i shall update. Since my last update, nothing unusual or extraordinary has happened. The sixers lost in the first round and i am now home for the summer. The last nite at MU was great and ho woulda thought that i would be kinda sad about leaving the ‘ville? I miss the Bangor boys, Derek, Alex PR, the Syndicate, Big C. and ‘Lik, Meggo, Cass, Amanda, Licia, and Rach. Good ppl from the ‘ville and looking to start off right where we left off next semester…It aint over girls.

But yea, like i said, i am back home and bored. Last nite was a crazy way to start off the summer. I regret most off it though and i gotta slow my roll with the partying.

Now i am sitting home bored cause i just left faulk’s cause he was tired and i thought i would be going to the movies tonite but that whole situation didn’t work out how i wanted. Nothing seems to ne more in this situation that i am referring to. It sucks lately ’cause i have been feeling like i am always doing something wrong for some reason or that i am not wanted around much ne more. I think this summer is gonna blow real bad if things seem to stay like this. I don’t know what to do ne more but just take each day as it comes at me i guess. I wish i felt like i could talk to her about it but i don’t…o well. Somebody give me some god damn advice. Or better yet, push the rewind button to about 2 months ago, things were good with K and i was on my way to the bahamas. damn. I’m going to bed. Later y’all…..


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  1. dude andrew,  me and karissa talked about this last night, you like worry about things that you dont need to worry about, Im sure everythings fine, Just do things day by day and dont assume ur doing things wrong because im sure your not, and last night was crazy, and you were funny as hell lol, so yeah cheer up, its summer and hopefully it will be a good one, Ill see ya soon! byeee

  2. I’m with chell on this, b/c between me u and faulk we overanalyze sooo much shit that we shouldn”t and jump to so many conclusions, u should call us some one from the Philadelphia Press, but honestly i’m sure its nothing, coming home is going to seperate u guys for a bit but after everyone sees the people they haven’t seen in a while, our group always ends up back together, keep ur head up homie, and damn its wierd not having u sleep above me anymore……

  3. the fucking conclusion all of you should be coming to is that im not home, simple as that. when i get home everything will be fine. and ill be damned if that wasnt an invitaion from shaun for some major spooning action. cya in a week.

  4. Andrew.. this summer is going to be fun as shit! bc ill finally be able to see u. .and u need to stop worrying about things so much bc ur a good guy and things will just fall the way they are supposed to.. if something is meant to happen it will.. dont rush things man.. lol.. just live for each day and ull eventually realize that the stupid little shit really doesnt matter.. well ill ttyl.. cheer up love ya!

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