Well, I’m exhausted. Eminem says it best in a line from Like Toy Soldiers: “I have spent so much energy on it, honestly, I’m exhausted.” I can’t begin to describe what I am feeling right now because I don’t even know. I feel like I keep hearing the same old song play over and over again though. I keep getting caught up in this situation and it never changes even when it “feels different.” I don’t know what to do anymore. Someone just needs to make up their mind and fast. I mean, if you’re gonna say something over and over, actually mean it and stick to it. Don’t keep changing your mind, especially when you acknowledge that mistakes were made in the past. Blah. I just wish I could understand girls and what goes on in their heads because none of it makes any sense. It would help tremendously……


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  1. andrew hope everything works out for ya, and believe me girls wish they could see what goes on in guys heads too, you guys are just as confusing, well most of them are lol, but yeahhh Ill see you soon! byeee wang head

  2. miss you buddy.keep your chin up.i’m only a phone call away if you need to vent.don’t catch cerebal palsy while being away from school.<3 meg.

  3. just watch mean girls. you can get a firm grasp of what sneaky bitches are thinking about. thats only a small part of the ultimatley most complex thing in the universe, next to the vagina. anyways, if you even attempt to figuret what girls think your destined for an aneurysm, and no one needs that. go ahead, try and figure it out, right now….see, you think your getting somewhere for like the first 3 seconds, if that, and then you go cross eyed and shit and start feeling sick. im trying it too right now, and i got nothing. so just suck it up and get ready to shave my fucking head TOMARROW CASUE THATS WHEN IM COMING THE FUCK BACK TO CHICHESTER. cya in a fewLata

  4. andrew it was fun when u came and visited me.. and that made me realize that we def. just dont do it enough.. stop wasting your time on stupid things and focus more on who really matters in your life.. much love

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