Man, I swear to god I think some people are fucking retarded. It’s like really, how fucking stupid can you be?? Since I haven’t as of yet, I really doubt that I will ever be able to understand certain people. Most likely anybody for that matter.. OoO what to do?

The 76ers are my squad man and everyday that I read something else about Allen Iverson, I admire him more and more. Before you all have heart attacks and shit, I mean as a basketball player. You know I don’t really know him as a person so I can’t sit here and say he is my damn idol or anything.

Nooch to going to Six Flags tomorrow, cast off Thursday, Star Wars Friday, and hopfully starting to make some money on Monday. I need the money almost as bad as Philly needs a championship.

When the fuck am I gonna grow some god damn balls and man the fuck up?!I’m such a bitch…”I want the feeling of being wanted”—-Meggo


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