Where do I start? Hmmm, summer is going good right about now other than the fact that I seem to have lost a really good friend. But hey, not the first time and she again doesn’t seem to really care (which boggles my mind to the umpteenth fucking degree I might add.) I guess I can only just say oh well again, right? Yea, I am used to it by now. Lies, lies, and more lies….Did I mention lies?? Seems like somebody needs a little growing up to do and it damn sure isn’t me.

Got the cast off last week as we all probably already know. Still kinda hurts though and I need to get x-rays this week. Hopefully everything turns out ok for my dumbass self. Shit, I wouldn’t be in this position if I didn’t punch the damn closet. Damn,I wish it was a certain someone instead of the closet. Jeez, I am one angry person when it comes down to the nitty gritty. I guess it stems from a lot of bullshit, who knows. There are a few things though that make me happy. Everyone that knows me probably knows what they are too.

You know what I hate? No, besides that bitch Joe Marge. And the other one. And the other one. And that one. And that guy. Shit, it doesn’t end. I hate the fact that sometimes I don’t feel like I can write what is on my mind. Even in my own damn online journal. I get that way sometimes. Like right now. I don’t know why I feel that way, I guess I am just paranoid about what some people will think. Go figure. I am usually the one telling others to not worry what people think. Blah.

I need something to look forward too. I saw star wars already. Everything I thought I had planned this summer is out the drain. Shit, everything I talk about keeps going back to, well, you know. Blah again.

I am tired and I don’t know what I am saying anymore. I am calling it an early nite. Tomorrow is a brand new day. Goodnite everyone……


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  1. dudeee andrew be happy, you seem sad alot not, and you cant be like that cuz ur the one who makes everyone happy, Dont worry about everything ur going thru now, just look forward to the few good things that may come out of this summer like hanging with ur friends, random trips, and im sure going to the beach. Although all of these things  u prolly dont feel like listening to now, just try to look to the brighter side of things, ill talk to you later tho, See yaa!

  2. Andrew do we need to have a talk again??? If so you know where I am at and chelle is right think of all the good times ahead and that have happend like Six Flags….shiiiit whens the next theme park trip?

  3. Lets make a bangor trip sooon lets set a date and then we can look forward to that…. and i know what u mean about the journal thing, b/c people are so critical, or should i say hypocritical that u dont want to make things bigger than they are, u are just tryin to vent

  4. andrew stop being so god damn pissed off and sad.. so whenever your feeling down.. lol just think of how happy u were when we went on those swings at like 1 in the morning..lol i know u were happy bc i could tell by your face.. your such an awesome person.. dont let anyone bring u lower then that.. i love u.. smile~

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