I started work today with my “ex-Uncle Thom-ass…Wasn’t too bad. I only had to pick up the shingles that were thrown on the ground because he doesn’t want me to work too hard with my tender hand and all. Man, he is such a great guy. Came home, showered off the filth, shot some hoops to prove that I am still far superior than everyone, went and seriously shaved my head big time. It’s about 1/32 of an inch. Damn. I love my boy Faulkner…

I definately need to go see Star Wars III again ASAP. I didn’t think that I was going to go this long without seeing it again. I think I will do that real soon…..

Girls suck again. I don’t think I should write about certain people in here though you know since it’s not my journal and all. Fuck that. It is my journal and I am gonna write what the hell I want to in it. That’s right, you’re still a fucking selfish prick. HaHaHa, dumb-ass……I need a real girl in my life….Someone like……

…….Because she’s really freaking hot….J-Love!! NOOCH!!!!

I miss the Bangor kids, Jae5 and my boy Derrick…You guys gotta come down here or me go up there soon. Wait, now that I think about it, I miss the MU girls too…Wow, didn’t think I would ever say that, did ya? HaHa..Well I think I am going to bed..Talk to ya’s later…..

Peace ^



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