Shit, I definately needed to update today. I mean, look at the date above. It is 6-3…..NOOOOOOOOOOOODLEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH! And it is Debbie K’s b-day so a happy 50th, shit, I mean, happy 34th birthday to her.

Things have been crazy lately. Working is tough on my damn hand but the good thing about that is I get my MRI and X-Rays on tuesday. So word to that.

I have come to the conclusion just recently that people change. Nobody thought that people in our group of friends would change but in some cases it has. With that said, I don’t think it has to be a bad thing. Everyone changes. Even I have changed but like I said, it doesn’t have to be for the worst. Friendships are about growing up and growing together. True friendships can weather anything. And that is the good, no check that, that is the BEST thing about my group of friends. They are true friends and even though we all may be changing and growing up, our feelings towards eachother are always the same. I love all y’all…….HOLLA!

Another thing I have learned. Well I probably haven’t learned yet, nor will I ever. I need to stop caring about certain things. I mean, I hate the fact that I can sit here worrying/thinking/caring about certain things (or people) and them not even give two, or four, or eight, or even 63 shits about me. And I don’t usually regret a whole lot in my life because you make mistakes, you live and you learn but me, atleast in this case, didn’t learn a damn thing. And that is what I regret and that is the sad reality of it. Shit……

Well, on a more enlightening note, well, I’m not sure it is more enlightening. I guess it is depending on your perspective. Relay For Life is tonite. I always enjoy it, except for when rain ruins everything. I hate the rain. Anyways, I enjoy it because Cancer is a bitch. Plain and simple. I have been around it a lot in my life and I have been blessed enough to not have had it myself. Knock on wood. But some great people in my life have or have had it and it affects everyone in some way, shape or form because it is everywhere. We definately need to do something about it…..

Wait, I know, we could make Cancer a black suitcase and beat the shit out of it even more than we beat that red suitcase…Who knows, we shall see……

And I just got paid so I am off to go blow it on some meaningless, useless, piece of junk……Later y’all……


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