Bored because I don’t have work today due to my MRI and X-Rays. Hopefully they turn out ok……

Nothing really new except it is really hot out right now. I think yesterday was even worse heat-wise. I had work so that made it even more worse. Burned a little bit and did some hard work. Came home and called Heather cause she was a little upset. Talked to her for about 45 min., ate dinner, went to my sisters, then Hurricane Dickhead decided to come when I was driving home. Shit, I can’t see at nite as it is. But I made it home, then Heather came over, then I went over her place because the rain stopped… I was over her place for about 3 hours and I had to get home because I was freaking tired as hell.. Seriously almost fell asleep about 3 times on the way home.

Oh yea, as I am pulling onto Link Drive, I realize that I am an idiot and I was soo tired that I failed to stop at the stop sign because I just wanted to get home and go to sleep. Wouldn’t you know, a cop stops me as I am parked out front of my house. Shit again.

“Do you know why I pulled you over, sir?” “Um, probably not stopping at the stop sign.” “Probably? PROBABLY?!?” “Um, ah dude, no need for the yelling. I guess not stopping at the stop sign at all.” “That’s more like it. Now because you are out front of your house, I am not going to proceed to butt rape you. You can go.”

NOOOOOCH! Very nice guy indeed. Shit, atleast I didn’t get a ticket…..

Damn, almost forgot too, Happy 30th to my boy A.I…….


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  1. hey andy!! pa what!! i miss you too, buddy!!! summer vacation is summer vacation, but i miss my villies!!! love ya, kid! hope all is fabulous!

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