Man, am I the luckiest man alive or what?! This is now 3 in a row! Yesterday, I was pulled over on Faulk road for doing 62 mph in a 40 mph. Damn. Am I sitting here thinking that I just shot myself in the foot? Yes. Did I dodge that bullet though? Yes.

“What is the reason for speeding young man?” “Um, my dog is sick and dying?” (Buddy is in the car along with Lauren and my Aunt Rhonda). “Oh ok, license and registration please.”

Man did this suck. Even more so since I already have 4 points on my license. Doing 22 miles an hour over the speed limit would definately not help my cause. Minutes pass and my nerves are getting worse. After a while, the cop runs out of his car, throws all of my information at me, it hits me in the face, he hits my car and says, “It’s your lucky day, someone is shooting a gun!”

Ok, my first reaction is “Ow, he hit my face.” Then I think, “What!?” Nonetheless, that is 3 times in a row where I got stopped and no ticket came out of it. Pretty lucky to say the least.

The Phils are back on a roll and the Flyers are just plain back. The Sixers brought K2, Big Willie Style, and Slammin’ Sammy D. back and T.O. is just a pain in my back…Well, it was going good there for a second. HaHa anyways, mint tingles suck….LaTeR everyone………


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  1. tsk tsk tsk andreww what am i going to do with you?? oh wait…drink with you? yep that sounds like a good plan!! miss you and hope you’re having a great summer!!

  2. dude i love u man, and im terribly sorry for leaving out the wawa hotdog thing im an ass…….but i gotta go, its ur lucky day, someones shooting a gun…..

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