Shit, I feel like I don’t fit in with anyone anymore. I try to brush things off and try not to let anything bother me but it doesn’t work anymore. I said it before and I will say it again. People have changed and it is making me sick. I am to the point where I can’t wait to just get out of here. At the same time though, I will probably be dealing with bullshit up at MU all the time too. It’s a lose-lose situation I guess. I wish I could just go to a place and be alone for the rest of my life. All the while forgetting about 2 people in particular…

P.S. Maybe it’s just my anger talking. Who knows?


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  1. aww buddy! i’m sorry you feel like this hun…i guess change is inevitable…it sucks, i know.  but i really hope you don’t feel like this when you’re around me, cuz i mean think about this logically, you’re too cool for me anyway. i should feel out of place when i’m with you   keep your chin up hun.
    love you gangster.

  2. AnDrEw …..its okay if it is your anger talking just sing… ” I feel pretty ooo so pretty” ..hahah i just got done watching anger management!! I know whatcha mean change…and “Meghoe430” is right change is inevitable…but ya know everything happens for a reason…and remember i love you…and we’re getting married ..(Friends) ..hahah …and for now “size doesnt matter” because your a great guy 🙂

  3. I can say that lately i for one have changed.. not really sure when it happened or why but i definitley feel like i have..and since you left a comment on my xanga asking where the old chelle was im guessing you think i changed too…and im sorry to you and ALL the people who have confronted me ( which have been alot..)about that recently…ill try to start acting normal again… if thats even possible lol..cuz i dont think i ever was normal…but anyway i dont want you to feel like you dont fit in with anyone anymore, cause out of everyone in the group.. i think your the one that everyone loves to be around..and the one people can actually stand to be around.. i just think lately everyones been too busy with other things.. and i guess other people..which isnt right..and with everyone going back to school soon… this shouldnt be happening  But we should definitley hang out soon..cuz i feel like we havent in a while.. Ill call you  orrrrrrrrrrr  you could call me.. but you never have anyway  lol so ill just call you ..n i think this is the first comment ive left on your xanga in a while thats been serious.. weirddddddd alright ill talk to you soon. byeee.. and sometimes its better to just write things out when your mad…

  4. dude, buddy i totally love you man, so i really hope whatever is bothering u just blows over in a couple of days and then u feel better too, and i def. could go for some more andrew time myself…i love you man(and believe it or not but my family totally loves u too lol) oh and if u ever need to just “escape” for awhile, just let me know im totally down with leaving the country for awhile, but that would probably defeat the purpose of being alone….peace buddy

  5. dude how can u leave now? Eagles Training Camp just started, the Flyers are signing people like crazy, the Phills are like 3 games out the wild card, and the Sixers signed their guys, so wtf man, u cant leave now, if u ever wanna leave the country or w/e it was to be after the NBA playoffs dude, u cant miss philly sports. And i bet u kinda feel outta place on this band wagon u jumped on cause its full of fake fans, so hop the fuck off, put on some feathers, and lets down some captain, NOOOOOOOOOOOCH

  6. yeah glad u were joking about the ” wheres the old chelle” comment lol cuz shitt i didnt go anywhere..and thanks for hanging out with us last night………… i even called you!! and talked to you for like 8 whole minutes.. whatever andrew lol guess ill just hafta try again until you give in and just hang out with us !

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