Man, it has been a really long time since a decent update. I guess this would be my first one from MU (minus that whole library thing last week). Anyway, a lot has happened since the last update. Most notably, Buddy had to be put to sleep, which was hella depressing I might add. And for those who don’t know, Buddy was my Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Marks dog. Because I live with them and saw Buddy and put up with his shit, literally, everyday in the summer, it hurt a lot worse than I thought it would. Then I think about his last few days and even the last time I saw him and he was just in real bad shape, pretty much to the point of suffering so he is in a lot better place right now. Looking down and growling because the Browns lost their season opener. RIP Buddy…..

How is school going you might ask? Shitty. LoL but other than that, good. I mean I have a good time up here, I just hate work. It’s as simple as that. But I can’t complain because I only work about 6.3 % of the time. All the other times it’s mostly video games. I rarely even take naps. I did probably on 2 days because it is always too damn hot in here to sleep. Man this entry really blows…. I will keep it going.

0-1, shit. Good thing the 9ers are coming to town this weekend……..

2-0, gooooood. Hopefully they can sweep the rest of this series and take the lead in the wild card…….

I really don’t know why, but I have been watching the Unsolved Mysteries for the last 3 days. I really hope I’m not getting into it. I used to be horrified of this guys voice as short as a year ago…….

Back to MU, where the hell have Cassidy and Amanda been? I am putting a missing sign on every milk carton on this damn campus. Granted guys, I haven’t been down your room a whole lot but damn, I forget what you guys look like……

NWO-DX? I am pretty sure it is still alive, atleast for now. It would be pretty pathetic if we folded before our first mission. I think Road Dogg just needs to be placed in the Scorpion Death Lock for a few minutes just to shut his ass up. And Macho Man, wherever you are, hold it down.

Man, I am just rambling. I will keep it going even longer…..

For those of you who don’t know, NWO-DX is a combination of the New World Order and Degeneration-X. Faulkner will be playing the leader (Hulk Hogan), I am the one and only Sting, Shaun is Scott Hall, Jake is Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Jimmy is “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash, for some reason Zach is Lex Lugar, Everyone knows who Joey D. and Eddie are, and finally, Nate is HHH. Time to wreck shop. First stop? DeSales University…..”Oh shit, It’s the Aviat!!!”

For those of you who don’t give to shits about NWO-DX, I assume you stopped reading already. For that reason, I shall stop……

Wait, in other news, I brought Carly up to MU this week. She hates it.

And people definately need to stay up Millersville one weekend. Or an even better idea, one of my very few friends from home should come up one weekend so I actually have something to do because for some reason, Shaun seems to hate Millersville anymore and Zach and James are in love. And for good reason. Their girlfriends are really, really hot. They are nice too.

Picked up that new Trapt cd yesterday, and I only listened to it once. It’s doesn’t sound too bad but can it top the first cd or does it have Kanye West-itis? For anyone who is wondering, Kanye West-itis is when an artist’s debut cd is sooo good that the second cd, which could be even better, just doesn’t seem as good. Atleast for the first couple weeks. We shall wait and see…..

My fingers hurt and I have to poop…..Peace


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  1. heyyy andrew !!! it’s good to finally read a nice, long xanga entry. haha 🙂 glad everything seems to be going well there … but hey, if you ever get over that fear of large colleges, you’re always welcome here at good ole psu. peace out gangsterrr !!

  2. Dude i stopped hating, im sry man, and how bout if i, well by i, i mean me and someone else cause u know i dont drive come up next weekend, like the 24 cause i have that sat off and just get me home by pregame and ill be cool, alrite sting? lets take some f’in shots

  3. Can’t you help me as I’m startin’ to burn (all alone). Too many doses and I’m starting to get an attraction. My confidence is leaving me on my own (all alone). No one can save me and you know I don’t want the attention

  4. Dude you guys and all your NWO-DX talk and all the wrestling we have been watching definately reminds me of how much I used to watch it. I mean I used to watch wrestling randomly but I guess I watched alot more than I thought because alot of those tapes rented were of fights I have actually seen before last weekend. Random I know, but its cool.  

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