Man, I am so tired but I will update just for the simple fact that last nite was pretty fun. Went up to DeSales ( without Joey D. I might add cause apparently he is scared of Burt now). But yea, went to DeSales to see Liz. It was someones birthday so Faulkner and Chelle were there too. With all of us together, it made for some pretty funny, and probably some pretty annoying times. But it was well worth it…..

Oh yea, it was Ali Poo’s birthday. She finally hit the big 1-4 so thats nice. I got to give my present to her . I think she liked it. Then again, who wouldn’t?

The Birds are now 2-1 with a close victory on Sunday. I love close football games, just not when its the Eagles…..

My hair really smells from all that shit last nite.



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  1. fun times… cept for when i realized that i was probably going to fail my psych test towards the end of the night. which i just took.. and im pretty sure i failed.. but i guess it was worth it? .. lol ..yeah…. and ur ass better be home on friday.. dont pull that shit u pulled last alright well ill ttyll byeeeee

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