Time to think positive. Instead of saying “life sucks,” “I hate life,” this that and the third, I am going to think positive. So, with that said, life smells really bad. I have a lot of work to do and I just don’t feel like doing it. Meggo needs to hook me up with the goodness. That god’s green earth. Ok, maybe just show me her boobs. Either way, one of those is bound to work. Hmm, I wonder all the things that could/would make me happy. LIST TIME!!

1. A fucking permanent cure for cancer

2. The Eagles winning the rest of their games

3. Forsberg deciding to score a goal

4. A visit to Amityville, Burkittsville, or spoken of just today, the Titanic

5. Sting coming back and wrestling

6. Rocky 6

7. Winning the powerball

8. Hmm, maybe my family getting along?

9. Getting head and fucking a bitch (Meggo)

10. GTA: Liberty Cities

11. A new, cool Flyers hat

12. Brock dying

13. A lifetime supply of chocolate chip cookies

14. A bath in Iced Tea

15. Knowing what I wanna do with my life

16. Removing the Orangutan from the endangered species list

17. Karissa not getting her nose pierced

18. A new Great Philadelphia book

19. A parade down Broad Street

20. A new Millersville sweatshirt so people don’t think I’m a scrub

21. Cancelled classes the rest of the week

22. A Kanye West concert……Oh yeah

23. Removing our current President and his entire administration from office….

24. A never-ending supply of sunflower seeds

25. Meeting A.I.

26. Sleeping w/ J-Love….In every way, shape, or form

27. Aurora Borealis

28. To have my own, personal slave….Calm down, it doesn’t have to be black

29. Rocky 7

30. My hair growing long in one day

31. Me and Stifler opening up a chain of “House of Loves”

32. Meggo, Lauren, and Jess actually thinking a white guy is hot

33. Finding out if Heather Swearer is still alive

34. That “change oil” light in my car going out considering I just got my oil changed 2 weeks ago

35. A dodgeball championship

36. The Land Before Time 19

37. Rocky 8

38. Titanic 2 : Meet us in the Caribbean

39. Rocky 9

40. Finishing this list

41. Rocky 10

42. A Wawa on campus

43. Zach growing sideburns….Or any type of bodily hair for that matter…Nevermind, that’s gay

44. Rocky 11

45. “Faulk”

I could barely get to 45 “faulk” let alone 63 “nooch” or even 2005 “noone.” I guess you could say that since it took me, and meggo, and shaun (now he’s sleeping) about an hour and a half to make this list, it doesn’t take too much for me to actually be happy. On that note, I have to finish work. Enjoy life peoples….LaTeR


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  1. hahaha aw andrew.. this was funny.. n ur right.. u should look to the positive of things, but sooner or later you’ll be happy and no longer have to hate life lol.. ill see you this weekenddd byee !

  2. so umm.. i was gonna say that i do find a white guy hot… but it’s u.. and i forgot u’re BLACK AS SHIT!!  haha… so that doesn’t work.. anyways.. i think u did a pretty good job on the list.. ok bye

  3. hey andrew, thanks for outlining our walls in black marker. it really makes our room stand out from the rest of the hallway. oh yeah, i also really liked the sunflower seeds all over my carpet. haha, anyway, hope you had fun at kanye … cya turkey day!!! 😎

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