Heeeeeeeee’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

What up peoples? I been on about a 9 week hiatus from xanga because frankly, I felt like I haven’t really had anything to say, atleast not on here. So now what? Andrew has something to say? Something important? Well, no, not really. Meggo just brought it to my attention that I am not allowed to update my xanga with Sting entrance music without writing anything. And also, I’m bored. With that said:

I have a bone to pick with someone else’s xanga since 1) it always gets done to mine when I vent in here and 2) I am immature. So, here goes. I have a friend, a rather good friend most of the time I would say but I don’t acknowledge that. I only like to bring up, remember, and dwell on the bad things. I mean, there are soooo many good times that occur with this “special” someone, but when it comes down to it, all that is ever heard about, and primarily on xanga, is the negative. What the hell is up with that? Well, I guess like I usually say, “It’s a xanga, you are entitled to write whatever you want in it.” So, taking that into consideration, YOUR XANGA’S SUCK! HaHaHaHaaaaaa! Well, atleast I don’t sound psychotic right now. Hey, it made me feel good for like 45 seconds so word to that…

Man, I kind of missed writing in this thing. I definately will do it more often then every 2 months, maybe every month. We shall see….

In closing, I hate the Steelers, the Eagles will fly high in ecks elle eye, and the Flyers are annoying the shit out of me. A.I. is the mizzzzan still, LeBron’s middle name is overrated, KB8 + Featherheads = 187, and last and most certainly, most definately not last, I miss you more than anything Faulk. I love you buddy and I hope that things are going well up there. Enjoy the time because when I die, I’m sure I will be heading south and you are definately coming with!


forty mother-fucking five


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  1. i missed you xanga…plus I dont have My Space so I dont get to see your updates. Miss you Andrew. We def need a Millersville road trip that I can actually go to. mwah! ❤

  2. I LOVE YOU ANDREW!!!! God i miss you! Keep your head up kid…..i love you so much and i’m here for you…and if you ever need to just disappear from everyone….you can always come and visit me up at school…i have an extra bed luv u….*muah**

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