Yeah, happy Valentines Day assholes

Well I know I am always negative in this thing becaue I do primarily use it to try and vent. Today, however, I will try and take a different direction and work towards doing it more often.

For starters, I am super excited about attending a trip with a few of my good friends this weekend, whom I love so very dearly. At first, money was an issue but I decided I may as well live a little. Plus it was fun the last time we went. The best part about it is that even if I do have to borrow money, it isn’t that much so it won’t take long to pay whoever may pay for me, back.

In other news, I will be going home this weekend for the first time since, um, two days ago. I don’t really miss it like crazy, but I like the people there more than I do here, primarily one in particular. I mean, I used to hate it so much at home but now I just can’t seem to wait to go back. I guess it is because when I am there I can hang out with all of my FAVS. Especially one in which I am making a special trip to see! Man, I would never do that for, well, you know who.

I cannot wait! I hope this weekend doesn’t go by too fast!!

p.s. Here’s to the day I get excited about hangout out with, seeing, or even talking to Andrew again….


Christ on a cracker, I am a fucking asshole

Oh well…..



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