Well, well, well, look who it is. It’s Andy mu-fuggin’ P! Welcome back homeboy, good to be seeing ya. 🙂

Apparently, nobody had any real faith in me bringing my xanga back (ie. zach and meggo), but I said all along that when the time was right, I would do it. Now is the time right? I don’t know, but what exactly is the wrong time? I could sit here for hours contemplating whether the time is right or wrong, but instead, I will write some more.

The summer is going by really quick. Not a bad quick I guess, just quick. I mean, there is a lot of days left in the summer, and some good times left too, you know, with me turning the 2-1 next month and all. But, I feel in a way that I am wasting my days. Kind of like, I will wake up, a day with no work, but I won’t feel like doing anything. Then I will say to myself, well there is always tomorrow, but in reality, summer is getting older and older and before I know it, I will be back at school, cramming for the next bullshit exam. I guess I won’t get too much more into that, haha, with it still being the beginning of July and all.

Aside from the quickness, summer isn’t bad though. In fact, I don’t think I can really complain about anything. Wait, check that, I can. But besides that, things are good. For the first time in a long while, I really feel free. I mean, I feel like a whole new person and for that, I don’t know how to act sometimes. I have finally pushed something behind me that should have been pushed behind me a long, long time ago. I really feel like I rid myself of unnecessary stress. I mean, I figure for most people, there is going to be someone you meet, unappreciative or not, that is going to make you feel like you can fly. At the same time, however, that same person may make you hate yourself beyond belief. Really not a fun thing. I guess what you have to do is figure out what is more important to you. That unbelievable feeling you get when things are “good” accompanied with the nauseating feeling you get when things are “bad”, or a less emotional, more tranquil atmosphere for yourself, and everyone around you. After years and years of ups and downs, and as tough as it was at times, I finally decided that the latter was the way to go. Judging by the way things have been this summer, I guess it was the right choice. After-all, selfish people aren’t my type anyway. Okay, okay, last shot, I swear…..


Moving on, Sixers are talking about trading A.I. again. Hey, I’m used to it, right? Wrong. This summer is different. It is in the news everyday, all over hoopshype.com (plug), and all over the streets. Something has got to happen here. I mean, I am not the smartest person in the world, but if you want to build a championship team, I don’t think getting rid of your best player, whom I may also add is the greatest pound-for-pound player to EVER play the game of basketball, is the way to start. Maybe thats just me, though. Plus I just spent 115 fucking bucks on one of the Iverson Fatheads that I ordered from fathead.com (another plug). If you don’t want to have to deal with myself, or Joey D., or Eddie Myers, even crazy-bitch Chelle, then take a fucking hint, get rid of that piece of shit Salmons, and trade Sammy D’s contract for a few vets that can play some defense and also score. But again, maybe that’s just me.

p.s. If you do trade A.I., you’re fucking dead Mr. King, ask Eddie Myers. You make the decision.

BIG NEWS: Move over Sting, I got a new favorite wrestler. Move over J-Love, I got a new bitch. Yeah, I said it.

My sister tells me I have changed because I like a blonde with big boobs. But I am still the same, I swear. Don’t get me wrong now, the boobs are cool, but I still can admit that Trish would be even hotter as a brunette. I mean, anyone would. But there is more too it than that. Trish is so small, but at the same time, can kick my ass if I ever step out of line. She is gorgeous and to top it off, she took time to shake my hand. J-Love never did that shit. Instead, she is off making bullshit movies like Garfield 2, 3, and 4. Until you take the time, J-Love, you are on the backburner. As for you Trish, I thank you. I am never washing my hand again. Unless of course you tell me too. I love you. Until we meet again at Survivor Series! And as for you, Sting, I was kidding about that favorite wrestler comment.

Well, I am tired. Goodnight everyone!


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  1. i got a little scared when you said that you were ditching sting and j-love… atleast its only one, i can deal with that.
    thanks for the im.  miss you.

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