Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn, people is capital T-ryf. Holla.

Ok, I don’t know how to spell triflin, cha-ry-fa-lynne. Tryfaling? Fuck it.

People are annoying. Period. They get mad at something and then go ahead and do the same thing. Kinda contradictory, eh? Exactly. So, this is my last attempt to put everything out in the open. My name is Andrew. I am immature. I like PHILADELPHIA sports. I like crab-cake sandwiches. I have a temper. Wildwood, NJ is fun. Ok that is besides the point. My thing is, my biggest problems are, I am immature and I have a temper. Ok, everyone got that? Good. I have 2 sisters, one older, one same age (9 min. younger). That said, I am the middle man. Lisa is a big girl, used to be all gangsta and shit, Lauren, well she is a twirp, but I love her. Because of this, I feel a sense of pride in having to protect her, cause she won’t do anything. Like I said, she is a twirp. So, when I hear things, TRUE or not, that piss me off, I act on it. You know, the immaturity and temper come into play. When it involves someone saying something about my sister, it is that much worse, (the immaturity), that is. To make things even more worse, it was something about my sister that supposedly came out of the mouth of, well, we all know, I think. And that my friends, was the topper. Because of this, I would engage in small, immature acts such as voicemails and away messages, you know, just to hit the nerves. And boy did I ever. Now, like I said before all of this, I WASN’T RIGHT, but I also, was not 100% wrong like I was made to feel. Which to me, is ludicrous. So, during a heated phone conversation with the estranged boy toy, I was yelled at and cursed at for, well, yelling and cursing on a voicemail. Kind of ironic, isn’t it? Yeah, which again, is why I don’t know why I feel so guilty here. But I do. Guilty enough to apologize? Shit no. But guilty in the way that I could have done more mature things or even ignored it. You know, ignored it like I did all those phone calls I got when certain people wanted to hang out so bad. Give me a damn break. Bottom line here is, I was made to feel 100% guilty when I shouldn’t have, especially considering the history of one female involved. And if a friendship is soured because of it, it’s not my fault. You can write that down. Wait, nevermind, it already is.

So that was me, rehatching all the drama of a week ago, not only to clear my name, but because it bothered me the way I was belittled like a little school boy. And also to let people know that if guilt is gonna be handed out here, I am taking 50% of it. No more and no less. It’s up to other assholes to take the rest.


That was an exerpt from my forthcoming novel entitled, “A.P.” Haha, you know, like T.O. but A.P. instead. Nevermind, I ruined it.




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  1. I must say, whenever i need a bright spot in my day, all i need is alittle Andy P, u have a buyer here for AP remeber how faulk always wanted to write a book about his life? lets do one and put together all 3 of our lives, we would definitely blow T.O.’s book out of the water, b/c our shit is crazy. Thanks for the smile brotha, I love u

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