Tuesday, November 15, 2005

“i love those days when u wake up, and u can answer all the problems and questions that have been plaguing u for awhile now, without really even thinking about them at all. i know it sounds weird, but its like having a momemt of clarity, like that somewhere deep in the back of ur mind ur always had the facts and answers, it just takes some time for them to process and make their way to the front. im just happy that my answers finally showed up, alittle long over due, but better late than never i suppose. ive finally learned to read certain people, and thats a major plus aswell. things are changing, and to be honest, im all for the change, its nice in these circumstances. so anyway tonight will be my first sixers game, so im pretty excited about that, but otherwise thats pretty much it for me for the rest of the week…the boring life i tend to call my own. well pretty much my favorite holiday is damn near here, good old thanksgiving, and sadly its not my favorite due to the family and what not, but more for the football aspect, so thats something to be excited for. also everyone is coming home within a week, and thats all great and all, but i mainly miss my boy jake, dude just get home already, and lets go watch chi kick sun valleys ass for once! so anyway i think ive covered everything that i wanted to with this short xanga entry, short but sweet…oh before i forget, hey joseph d, cant say i never write about u now…



So here we are, exactly one year ago, to the day, of Faulkner’s last xanga entry. Kind of unbelievable, isn’t it? You all may sit here and wonder why the hell I have it in my xanga and I sit here with the reply of I don’t know. I mean, me being the creator of his xanga makes me feel kind of proud, and to be honest, for the last year or so, I had contemplated updating with something or closing the site down alltogether. Today I found out, that I can’t do either. 1. because I feel as though it wouldn’t be right, and 2. Someone changed the password to it which is pretty upsetting to me to say the least. But anyway, in a brief moment earlier today, I came to the conclusion that the next month and a half are going to be pretty bad for each and every one of us. We all will go through year anniversaries of things that we wish had never happened and we all are going to shed some pretty serious tears in the coming weeks. That is why I ask anyone and everyone to not only be open to talking about Faulk, but reading some of the hysterical and inspirational writings in his xanga (http://www.xanga.com/hulk_ner). Personally, it reminds me of how great a person he was and how none of us, including myself, have learned a damn thing about how precious life is. We all need to start taking some serious looks in the mirror. And I hope today, we can start.



5 thoughts on “

  1. <3.
    i go to faulks site probably once a week. read his entries. look over his comments.
    it’s funny.
    i care about him more and more each day i live.
    love you andrew.

  2. FAAAAAAAULLLLLLLLLLLLLKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!Seriously this Christmas we are changing that sign. No bullshit. Operation Adios Apichella. I haven’t been to Faulk’s site in awhile, well I go there I just can never pull myself together and read an entry. Haha I remember when you made that shit and you acted like it was some big f’in secret and wouldn’t tell anyone. I finally got you to tell me and I was like that’s it dude? That’s it? Coll or Mel prolly got the password if you wanna go in there and write, I am sure they’d give it to you, if not I will get that shit, you know how I roll.Dust off your feathers bitch, we are going in.

  3. good entry andrew… i seriously can sit here and read that entry he wrote over and over again, and can not believe its been a year since it was written.. its crazy.. it seems like it was yesturday .. damn .. but i agree with everything you said, and it is definitley gonna be hard in the upcoming weeks , but we all gotta stick together right? well  See you sooon, and can u stop blocking ur name on aim, its driving me crazyyyyyyy lol

  4. i pretty much never get on xanga anymore and i dont go to his page, but im sure i will get the courage to sooner or later. and im glad you didnt close the site because as you said before, this is the only place we can go to actually read things that he wrote the holidays are going to be rough but as long as we have our friends we will  get through this.
    much<3 k

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