Ok, ok, I know I have tendency to write in this thing a few times, and then go like 2 or 63 or even 2005 (Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooone) months before writing again, and for those of you who still even take the time to read ZONGAS, you know, with the facebook and myspace and this weird new site my sister has that has something to do with music craze, I whole-heartedly apologize. I apologize again for that obnoxiously long run-on sentence too.

But anyway, I have been contemplating how I should update my xanga. You know, whether it be a daily recap to let people know what I’m doing a la Brock, or take a stroll down philosophical street a la JOE D. Then I realized, shit, I will do it Andy P style. “At the end of my career, I wanna look back, you know, wit no regrets and know that I did it my way.”–Allen Iverson.

So I been thinking, thinking about my future that is, and I dunno what I wanna do with my life. I mean, I wanna do artsy things, cause I am good. Yeah, I am good. But originally, I wanted to do logo designs for sports franchises and/ or businesses but I am not so sure anymore. I think I wanna design kicks for a living. I been in my classes, not paying any attention as usual, and just sketching out some sick sneaks in my notebook, especially in Philosophy of Art. Man, what a shitty class. But anyway, I really enjoyed it and I was kinda feeling the designs. They were all basketball sneaks of course. I dunno though, just an idea I been thinking about lately.

Yeah, A.I. is the man. I really miss him playing for the Sixers and owning everyone, much to my satisfaction. It’s just not the same. This second month has definately been harder than the first month. I hope this trend doesn’t continue .

But that brings me to my next point. My next big drawing is gonna be an Iverson “10+ years in Philly” type memorium. And what I’m hoping is to make that happen, then get tix to the Nuggets/ Sixers game next year (lower lever preferably, you know, for my ::cough::cough:: birthday or for flag day or something) and hold my drawing up, accompanied with a “Philly misses you sign, you know, obnoxiously blocking some fat guy’s view just so A.I. can see it, acknowledge me, and sign that shit. Man, that would be sweet. But yeah, that’s what I am hoping. Fingers crossed! P.S. I’m not into men, I swear.

I am in a decent mood because I had this Art history exam in the class I bombed last year and I studied for 3 nights straight for it cause I have to do good obviously and I got a C+. That’s not good you say? Shit, It is better than I thought because after I took it, I got the distinct feeling that I failed it miserably and I went straight to the teach to see if she recommended any study methods cause mine obviously weren’t working and she graded it there and told me to have confidence cause I was only 2 points from a B. So I was pretty stoked. “She wants me.”—Uncle Mark

Ok, I feel like I am just blabbering, but it’s kind of fun. So I am gonna keep going. I think I will end my xangas from now on with a “Favorite list.” Today’s list: My favorite Iverson’s, in order, from favorite to least. Enjoy!

1. The Answer 4

2. The Question

3. The Answer 1

4. The Answer 8

5. The Answer 6

6. The Answer 3

7. The Answer 9

8. The Answer 10

9. The Answer 7


10. The Answer 5

11. The Answer 2*

* For those still reading, haha, the only reason these are last, is cause I never actually owned them . Yep, sad to say it, but G-Mom’s was strapped!

Now I am out, seeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa




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  1. lol i never read xanga and i got on today and u updated.. and it was funny, well maybe not funny but i laughed at times… hopefully ill talk to you soon since i havent in a while.. or at least it feels like that..

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