14 hours in the art building is far too long for one day.

Brock and me went to late night and watched the Phils win 6-3….. You know what comes next.

We talked about Marvelous Mark, Nirvana, and Baggy beaters. It was fun.

See ya.


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  1. haha heyy! I actually left Liberty after only being there for a semester.  I loved it at Liberty, but they screwed me over as far as financial aid and transferring things, told me some lies to get me down there and expected me to stay an extra semester for their screw ups basically….long story short haha.  So now im at home going to Bloom, im not a fan of living at home again, but its saving lots of money and ill graduate on time.  I actually visited MU last weekend for the first time since i left there..it was weird but fun to be back.  Anywayssss…how have you been?

  2. two recent entries.
    i’m glad you brought it back.
    make another list like we did last year…
    i mean, some of them came true.
    i’m still hoping for titanic – bahamas edition, though.

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