Dear Xanga,

It’s okay. Ignore that big, mean Joe D. I know that you are not dead but rather, have decided to take a seat in the back row, away from everyone. Yeah, you just want to be alone right now. You are fatigued. Over the last few years, you have given your time at all hours of the day to listen to millions of people and their pathetic problems. You are the best friend that everybody wants but only few actually get, primarily because not everyone has the internet. But anyway, you are that one friend that stays quiet and never gives shitty advice but is always there to listen to someone’s problems. You are like the perfect girlfriend; hey, maybe that is why I have no interest in that department! Yeah, I already have the perfect girlfriend. Haha, anyway, I know you know that nobody has forgotten about you, and that everyone definately knows that you are not dead. People have just found a way to deal with their problems lately without having to write them down, which, judging by the way things are, obviously isn’t the right way to deal with our problems. At least that is how I think you feel, Xanga. Anyway, I want to thank you Xanga, thank you for listening, and thank you for not shutting my site down. I know you and I have a special bond, one that is resurrected whenever I feel the need to come to you. And I know you are okay with that. You understand that that is your job. And for that, you are better than any person that is here on earth. You put everyone’s problems before your own weekly maitenance checks. You are the most selfless pers…. uh, thing that is on this Earth. So speaking for everyone that is a subscriber to you, thank you Xanga, thank you for being there, and thank you for not dying.


Love and appreciation always,

Andrew Piroso

Member # 2005456336


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  1. well. since i don’t live at school anymore i’m going to need you to update this so i know what’s going on in your life.
    p.s. cowboys play the eagles today, yo.

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