Man, I never thought this would happen. I can’t put into words how I feel right now. Honestly, from a sports standpoint, I feel as good as I did on October 31, 2008 .

When I wrote this , I was both angry and sad with how Iverson’s career in Philly ended. By the time I wrote this blog, I was content with A.I.’s situation in Denver and the up-and-coming home team Sixers. Well that didn’t last long. After Eddie Stefanski blew 3 first round picks in one year and inked Elton Brand and Iggy to astronomical contracts (yay), I realized they weren’t so up-and-coming after-all. With A.I.’s career tailspinning out of control and the Sixers franchise spinning out of control, the stars aligned for a reunion of epic and emotional proportions, one that nobody saw coming (except for Sammy D.). Haha, regardless, it is a HUGE day for me and an entire generation of 76ers fans. It’s a day that can’t just be culminated in a newspaper headline but rather on a 94′ x 50′ hardwood floor in Philadelphia on December 7, 2009.

I can’t wait…


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