Crazy these last few days. Actually, crazy can’t even describe it. Actually, indescribable obviously would make more sense. I’m beginning to learn a lot about people as the days go on, especially lately. It’s a bit humorous, nah, check that, it’s pretty unbelievable to actually witness how petty and immature some people really are—And yeah, that’s me of all people calling other people immature, go figure—but as I sit here, worried about real shit in life, shit that very well may involve the well being of some of my family, all I can do is shake my head in utter disgust, and I mean that. And I’m not just putting this out there because it’s easy to right now, but it’s just reality. A young woman has just died and many people are still grieving, and that’s not even including two young children. Knowing everything I do up to this point about the situation, whether it’s fact or fiction, it could potentially affect my family, my immediate family. Obviously, I hope what I hear isn’t true, I really hope it’s just gossip and rumors, but if it is, it’s devastating to members of my family. With everything going on the last few days with my family, I also apparently have to deal with some 12-year old bullshit on facebook. Like seriously? No, really, fucking seriously?? To be mocked the way I was over a situation that isn’t even my doing is insulting and completely unnecessary. On top of that I can’t even respond or say my side on the god damn post either?? Like honestly, how little of a grasp do people have on what’s going on around them? Is there an ounce of sense in their heads? A smidgen of sympathy or understanding? My head is pounding the last 48 hours wondering what the outcome of a much more important situation is going to be and I gotta worry about people acting like school children? People who I thought were my friends? Well, until I got defriended a few days ago that is (another very adult-like move by the way). But I guess it’s a good thing, I see things from the outside now and I can really understand where a lot of people are coming from. Real friends would be there at ALL times ready and willing to talk and/or listen. I think I’m starting to get a better idea of who they really are..

Who knows, maybe in a few days I will regret writing this, maybe its taking a route that’s equally as childish as other people. But I guess right now I feel like it serves a purpose. People need to see things in the proper perspective and it’s unfortunate that it’s at the expense of a very unfortunate situation but again, it’s reality. Drop the petty dramatics and for once, act like a mature adult and not just fucking say it.


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