Regardless of who you voted for last night, it is a monumental, historic day for America.

A day that all of us, as Americans, should be proud of.

Congrats go to the Democrats and in particular, the entire Obama family, Biden family, and anyone who contributed to their presidential campaign.

Also, not to be forgotten, congrats to John McCain too, who last night proved that deep down, he really is a true American. Unfortunately for him, his followers didn’t.

And finally, not congrats to you Sarah Palin, I still despise you. I guess you can go back to killing innocent wildlife from choppers or your house, whatever it is you do up there.



World Fucking Champions, 2008


And here is to witnessing a phenomenal spectacle; one that with each passing year, I grew more skeptical I would ever be a part of.


A toast to Philadelphia, a toast to the Phillies, and a toast to October 31st, 2008, one of the greatest days of my young life.

I can’t even stress how thankful I am for being a Philadelphia sports fan. Words can’t begin to describe how indebted I am to my Dad for making me a Philly fan. Tonight was worth everything. Thank you Phillies. Thank you for ending the curse. Thank you Dad, enjoy this one up there. You know I’m enjoying it down here.

I’m off to Philly in the morning. Time to party this weekend.

WORLD SERIES CHAMPS 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 7, 1997

“Yo Pesotz, would you set fire to O’Hara and go to jail for a few months if it meant the Flyers could have beaten the Wings?”
“Ahhh, we’ll get em next year.”

It’s been “next year” for my whole damn adult (and adolescent) life. We’re always juuust competitive enough to say it. Hope is a good thing, until it friggin up and dies.

June 15, 2001

“We were in every game! We coulda swept Kobe out of Philly and paraded down broad street! Raja Bell!”
“The ball didn’t bounce our way.”

Ok, let’s make this clear – the ball NEVER bounces our way. Not even the rain falls our way.

February 6, 2005

“I can’t take it anymore. When are we going to do it? I thought this was it. I really did.”
“I would have let Donovan puke on me if it meant a title.”
“If it meant a title, he could puke on me every day from now til training camp.”

We’re emotional wrecks. We have all at some point stated that we’d do unsanitary things to ourselves “if it meant a title.” Some seven year olds have seen enough already to question if they’d witness a title in their lifetime. A recent trend seems to indicate that some fans are “trying not to get too hooked” on our teams just to “protect themselves.” We lost our minds long ago. I’m tired of complaining about it. Tonight, a ball IS gonna fall our way. Literally. Right into section 145 in the bottom of the ninth to send us into Broad Street euphoria and a potential apocalypse. That fiasco on Monday night was the last straw. The final countdown. The seventh circle. We’re here. We’ve made it out of the figurative and literal monsoon. It’s time. We’re up 3-1 in the World Series and we’re crafting conspiracy theories following Tropical Storm Selig.

I’m done with it. We’re three innings from freedom. Free from sacrificing family members, serving prison sentences, and cleaning up vomit. Free from bad bounces, fallacious forecasts, and false hope. And for god’s sake, we’re three innings to freedom from “there’s always next year.”

There’s always next year, but there’s always tonight, too.

Let’s go win a championship.

I cried today.

I cried many times today. 

It felt good to cry. I don’t know why, but it did.

Last night, I can’t even put into words, man. Last night was unbelievable. Last night was amazing. Last night, looking back, was easily one of the greatest nights of my young life. Last night was emotional. Last night, I’ll finally admit it, I found my idol.

For me, last night was everything.

Welcome home A.I.















You got it backwards, man.

Thanks for the memories A.I.





Dear Xanga,

It’s okay. Ignore that big, mean Joe D. I know that you are not dead but rather, have decided to take a seat in the back row, away from everyone. Yeah, you just want to be alone right now. You are fatigued. Over the last few years, you have given your time at all hours of the day to listen to millions of people and their pathetic problems. You are the best friend that everybody wants but only few actually get, primarily because not everyone has the internet. But anyway, you are that one friend that stays quiet and never gives shitty advice but is always there to listen to someone’s problems. You are like the perfect girlfriend; hey, maybe that is why I have no interest in that department! Yeah, I already have the perfect girlfriend. Haha, anyway, I know you know that nobody has forgotten about you, and that everyone definately knows that you are not dead. People have just found a way to deal with their problems lately without having to write them down, which, judging by the way things are, obviously isn’t the right way to deal with our problems. At least that is how I think you feel, Xanga. Anyway, I want to thank you Xanga, thank you for listening, and thank you for not shutting my site down. I know you and I have a special bond, one that is resurrected whenever I feel the need to come to you. And I know you are okay with that. You understand that that is your job. And for that, you are better than any person that is here on earth. You put everyone’s problems before your own weekly maitenance checks. You are the most selfless pers…. uh, thing that is on this Earth. So speaking for everyone that is a subscriber to you, thank you Xanga, thank you for being there, and thank you for not dying.


Love and appreciation always,

Andrew Piroso

Member # 2005456336

14 hours in the art building is far too long for one day.

Brock and me went to late night and watched the Phils win 6-3….. You know what comes next.

We talked about Marvelous Mark, Nirvana, and Baggy beaters. It was fun.

See ya.

If you don’t like chocolate chip cookies, you aren’t human.

I am human.

Therefore, I like chocolate chip cookies.

In saying this, yesterday, at gordonier, I ate dinner with James and Br, wait, he forgot to attend. Again. Anyway, I sit down with James and I finish some pretty sweet (good tasting) ham and lima beans and wanna top it off with a delectible, flat-baked pastry smothered in CHOCO CHOCO CHIPs. I reach the dessert section and son of a slut-whore. All the chocolate chip cookies are gone. What the fuck!?! As I try to collect myself, I notice 2 cookies sitting on this kid’s dish directly in front of me as he is veering off towards the ice cream section. The guy not only gets the last two cookies but also gets to sandwich ice cream in between them? As Stone Cold would say, “EH EH!” Acting quickly, I swipe the cookies from the dish as I bear witness to him happily scooping his ice cream in anticipation of his homemade chipwich. I head back to my seat only to laugh my ass off in telling James of the story. I delve into the warm, dough-ey bliss as I watch the loser look around in befuddlement and my day is complete. Did I feel bad? Sure, but its a dog-eat-dog world out there and sometimes, you just have to watch out for your own needs first and foremost.

Oh yeah, I stole a pen today too.

Ok, ok, I know I have tendency to write in this thing a few times, and then go like 2 or 63 or even 2005 (Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooone) months before writing again, and for those of you who still even take the time to read ZONGAS, you know, with the facebook and myspace and this weird new site my sister has that has something to do with music craze, I whole-heartedly apologize. I apologize again for that obnoxiously long run-on sentence too.

But anyway, I have been contemplating how I should update my xanga. You know, whether it be a daily recap to let people know what I’m doing a la Brock, or take a stroll down philosophical street a la JOE D. Then I realized, shit, I will do it Andy P style. “At the end of my career, I wanna look back, you know, wit no regrets and know that I did it my way.”–Allen Iverson.

So I been thinking, thinking about my future that is, and I dunno what I wanna do with my life. I mean, I wanna do artsy things, cause I am good. Yeah, I am good. But originally, I wanted to do logo designs for sports franchises and/ or businesses but I am not so sure anymore. I think I wanna design kicks for a living. I been in my classes, not paying any attention as usual, and just sketching out some sick sneaks in my notebook, especially in Philosophy of Art. Man, what a shitty class. But anyway, I really enjoyed it and I was kinda feeling the designs. They were all basketball sneaks of course. I dunno though, just an idea I been thinking about lately.

Yeah, A.I. is the man. I really miss him playing for the Sixers and owning everyone, much to my satisfaction. It’s just not the same. This second month has definately been harder than the first month. I hope this trend doesn’t continue .

But that brings me to my next point. My next big drawing is gonna be an Iverson “10+ years in Philly” type memorium. And what I’m hoping is to make that happen, then get tix to the Nuggets/ Sixers game next year (lower lever preferably, you know, for my ::cough::cough:: birthday or for flag day or something) and hold my drawing up, accompanied with a “Philly misses you sign, you know, obnoxiously blocking some fat guy’s view just so A.I. can see it, acknowledge me, and sign that shit. Man, that would be sweet. But yeah, that’s what I am hoping. Fingers crossed! P.S. I’m not into men, I swear.

I am in a decent mood because I had this Art history exam in the class I bombed last year and I studied for 3 nights straight for it cause I have to do good obviously and I got a C+. That’s not good you say? Shit, It is better than I thought because after I took it, I got the distinct feeling that I failed it miserably and I went straight to the teach to see if she recommended any study methods cause mine obviously weren’t working and she graded it there and told me to have confidence cause I was only 2 points from a B. So I was pretty stoked. “She wants me.”—Uncle Mark

Ok, I feel like I am just blabbering, but it’s kind of fun. So I am gonna keep going. I think I will end my xangas from now on with a “Favorite list.” Today’s list: My favorite Iverson’s, in order, from favorite to least. Enjoy!

1. The Answer 4

2. The Question

3. The Answer 1

4. The Answer 8

5. The Answer 6

6. The Answer 3

7. The Answer 9

8. The Answer 10

9. The Answer 7


10. The Answer 5

11. The Answer 2*

* For those still reading, haha, the only reason these are last, is cause I never actually owned them . Yep, sad to say it, but G-Mom’s was strapped!

Now I am out, seeeeeeee yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa